Thought you were done killin’ dwarves? Think again.

Just Southeast of the Swollen Tooth is a large mountain. Even among the others in the range it stands tall. Beneath it lies The Forge. If you’re unfamiliar with the ancient citadels or dwarves of Talos, I have some light reading for you. It’s rumored that the remnants of the Talos cult fled to the Forge after we defeated Fuzeblaze.

Make sure to pack some climbing gear. The travel is cold and rough but manageable. On the Eastern face Joule, Oogway, Aldwin, and I discovered a finely carved stone entrance. None of us could speak or read dwarven so any posted warnings went unheeded. Inside was a small cave occupied by Alehouse Drakes. I recommend announcing yourself loudly. We attempted to sneak in and that didn’t turn out well.

Past all these tricky little serpents is a small hole which leads down into what I believe is the top level of The Forge. We weren’t able to explore too deeply because we met considerable resistance in the form of golems. We did find a couple statues but, once again, our lack of dwarven language made it difficult to decipher their purpose. If you mess with the statues too much a thick block door may trap you in. Search the halls for a button to release these traps.

The first golem was the hardest for us to subdue. Our non-magic weapons did nothing against its thick plating and some of our spells were outright ineffective. Oogway and Aldwin kept this beast’s attention while we’ll Joule and I kept our distance. It only fell once we’d about exhausted ourselves and were considering a retreat.

“Fuck Joule”

After a short rest, and a shorter walk, we were tangling with a second golem. We knew our resources were about spent and that a prolonged battle would not end in our favor. Everyone gave what little they had left as quick as they could and it was just enough. With two golems down and us barely on our feet we made a hasty retreat.