DM: Neal
Team: Tehran, Xell, Kavor, Freyja, Theris, Glen

I still feel like a newborn blue baby on this Island. Things are strange here. People are so different from back home and their are just so many trees everywhere I look.
I’ve only ventured out of the city twice, and yet I had to gather a team to help my new friend Yarsby bring goods to the ruined oak. From the volunteers I only knew the small Freyja, but I never avoid the opportunity for new bonds of friendship.

Xell, a strange blue-ish man with a talent for spotting crows and taming the wilds.
Kavor, just as blue but blink and you’ll miss him in the shadows.
Freyja, she might be short, but her bravery stands the tallest among us all.
Theris, master of both the arcane and blade on a quest not yet his own.
Glen, a magical goblin that claims to once have been human.

I would have brought more, but there were only room for six of us to sit comfortably in Yarsby wagons and we had a long journey from White Moons Cove to the Ruined Oak. I estimated around 3 days travel, but already on the first day Xell my blueish friend told me a crow followed us, he then continued to argue with Theris about magical creatures and pacts, so I let it be. The crow did nothing to harm us, so no harm done.

As Yarsby started looking for a place to set up camp scream came from the forest (a place full of trees), next to the road, a woman and her child came running toward us being chased by sickly boars. We quickly jumped into the fray to save them, but even with help from the gods, the child still perished into the arms of Ilmater.

At this point Yarsby decided to turn the wagons around, he had had enough and only wanted to get back with his wares. Xell however convinced him the Jubb Jubb was closer than White Moons Cove and he reluctantly agreed to bring his wares there instead.

The night was blissfully uneventful.

As we closed in on Jubb Jubb, half way to our original destination, my blue friends heard the sound of wolves approaching. Wanting to take a stand they tried to convince Yarsby to stop the wagons, but he was having none of it. He send the horses into a charge to get away.
Horses with wagons are however no match for the speed of a charging Warg.
6 Warg riders approached and an inferno of arrows flew between the warg riders and wagons until a perticular nasty arrow found its way into Theris back, sending him, Freyja and the wagon flying off the road.

What ensued was chaos. Ilmater mercifully brought back Theris to the fray, while gnolls and friends battled. It all seemed to go our way until a cultist, just a bit off the battleground, summoned a creature of liquid blood. It brought down Xell trying to engulf him. Not intending to lose another friend I charged in using all my might to keep him from death, while the creature began covering me instead.

If not for my friends I would certainly have drowned in this creature of blood as it’s necrotic energies burned me from the inside. Thankfully that was not the case. As soon as I got free of the creature Xell exerted his vengeance upon it cutting it from our reality. Only the blood covering Xell and I remained.

From here it was just a short journey to Jubb Jubb, where Yarsby had us paid and stormed off. I feel bad for that dwarf, after all this trouble, he still only got halfway there.