We ventured off to solve what can only be described as a town crisis!… All the milk was gone? No one really had an answer for what was going off, and so we ventured 12 strong to solve the mystery.

Singing Dwarven drinking songs along the journey, spirits were high as we arrived at the farmer’s cottage outside of town. A ‘farmer’ approached us, and despite out guards being up and ready for a fight. We all seemed to trust the man implicitly.

He explained the cows have been sick for some time, not producing milk, and there was an herb out in a cave that could cure the cows aliment. Without hesitation, the strongest of our group set forth to find this cave as the Gythanki, Jax seemed to recall where it was. I can only imagine where they are now, or how happy the man was we went along with the plan so easily.

The rest of us were to help tend to the cows, and help find the source of the sickness. Immediately I became a bit suspicious, as how could he know how to cure the ailment, without knowing what was wrong with them. However, despite a quick work to the remaining group of caution i bit my tongue; better to see where this was going.

Before long, we were ambushed in the barn by cultists armed with scimitars. They had a potent poison on them and due to the valiant efforts of everyone, we managed, albeit barely, to fend off the ambush.

After, we managed to find the real farmers in the cellar, they were malnourished and traumatized. Apparently one of their own, Clarance, was used in a profine ritual that killed him, and spawned a massive scorpion.

At that time, the ‘farmer’ awoke and with strange movements, completely slipped out of his binds with ease and made his was to the farm house. We struck him down as he reached the house, but it was too late, he awoke the beast.

Image result for giant scorpion

A massive scorpion began to attack the party, and through the efforts of our more burly members, able to keep it from going through the door. It became angered and smashed through the wall. harrying a few of our members; before we were able to finally take it down.

Weary, exhausted, and worried about out friends fates, we quickly helped the farmers settle things at the farm and returned to town to give everyone the news.