Another day, another trek across the land forgetting a key item to the mission in question. This time it literately being a key… if one could call this monstrosity a key.

So we slogged our asses back to town, on the way finding corn fire elemental. Between some plant grown and some light conversation we entertained them long enough until they headed home though a rift in space time back to the plane of fire.
Second round back to the underground crypt we ran into some workers clearing the roads of fallen trees, nice lads.

Once we got back to” Yassarion”, who by all appearances is just a simple old man but I smell there is more at work here, informed us that we needed to defend him as he “cleansed” the central coffin.

Thats about when all hell broke loose and the spirits of death and beyond begain to swarm us!

It was a hard fought battle but in the end we pushed back the darkness, for now. In addition to some trinkets and coin “Yassarion” taught some of our members lost magic, all in all it was a fun trip.