DM: Grumpy
PCs: Runt, Red, Ragna, Rasz, Jerryman, Gronk, Jax

We heard about Deep Ones in the Silent Forrest and so we set out to investigate maybe soem clues on the enslaved Gith could be found. During our travels some axebeak, looking lightly panicked, run southwards but we saw no source of danger or the likes and this we moved on.

Searching for a camp side, we found metal shards lying on the ground. Looking like it might have been a armor once, we saw blood on the ground but it looked a few days old already. I prayed to Eldath and he gifted us potatoes and water, while some others gathered some more food and cooked it, so we had some good meals. We went to bed and a little after we heard Ragna, who had taken the first watch screaming. He was attacked by some strange creature and got pulled away from us.

Gronk and Jerryman acted quickly and while Jerryman shot some deadly arrows at the creature and Gronk hacked at it, some more goat like creatures appeared, trying to drag Ragna further away. Once i was able to react, I tried to make blast this strange creature out of this realm, so i pulled out my wand, throwing the biggest lightning bolt possible towards this thing. To our surprise the bolt stopped shortly before the creature and it absorbed all of the energy, healing almost to full again.

We still managed to slay that beast as well as those goatmen. But the creature, although some of it started turning to dust, just resembled its self over and over. Ragna had the feeling it got its strength from slaying creatures, so we just continued putting it down again and again and after a while hits legs stopped getting back and finally it completely turned into dust. Red mentioned that he saw some more large creatures surrounding us but it turned out to just be the shadows of the trees.

We continued our rest after I did my prayer of healing. During Red’s and my watch, we saw a giant eagle or Griffin fighting a bear, the bear drags it to the ground and slew it, pulling it away. We thought about helping the eagle, but the fight was so quickly over and too far away for us to do anything.

Continuing our travel towards the Silent Forest we found a tower and decided to explore it.

We there greeted by some metallic creature, assessing our threat level, deeming us a non thread, inviting us to stay and saying the master will be there shortly. A little after a humanoid creature came down the stairs, introduced himself as the Librarian

The Librarian was talking about the architects and many things i could not really understand, accessing some things from time to time like he there in a different dimension and just speaking to us, while he reads up information. He also was very interested in that we had to tell about our adventures thus far, thriving for information.

After we asked and there curious on the architects work he brought us upstairs, asking for our help. The previous guarding was destroyed by some Deep Ones and the new construction needed energy to fully function. We infused his golem and some other bots with energy giving much of our arcane and divine power, letting us very weak and drained behind. But it looked like a good decision at the moment, since an allay against the Deep Once would be a good thing.

The Librarian mentioned that some of us would be lesser architects but the origin was not correct, he also mentioned a architect to the south, but could not calculate the distance. He lead us up to the third floor. Gronk walked into a room separated from the rest of us and as soon as he was in that room, the doors there shut and we could not hear him anymore. This is then i started to feel, that we are in trouble.

A flashlight came out from the Librarian, blinding me. Blinded and without any arcane or divine power left i felt helpless and did not understood everything what has happened then. The Librarian mentioned some thing about batteries we need to see and more help from the lesser architects would be needed. He started to sound like a broken record, mentioning batteries and that we should follow and not resist.

Blinded as I was, I hold on to Ragna and he lead me down the stairs and we got somehow teleported to the basement it seemed, at least whats what the others told me as I could not see anything. Red and Rasz seemed to also be blinded, as i heard them asking what happened. It sounded the Librarian was dragging some of us away and nobody did anything against it. He assured us that the new batteries are needed and could only be replaced if we bring new batteries. Ragna asked if Deep Ones would be sufficient and the Librarian responded, they would.

Then the Librarian send us to leave now, and Gronk came down, it seemed he had freed himself. The Librarian was becoming more and more angry because we stood there a bit paralyzed and did not leave, well i was still blinded and helpless, so i just hold on to Ragna. We finaly started moving out of the tower as the golem we infused also started trying to push us away, but got back on his patrol route when we there far away enough.

By the voices i could here it seemed we were missing Runt, Red and Rasz. Ragna, still a bit paralyzed, and Jerrymen, quite shaken by the loss of the others, explained, that the Librarian had taken them and uses them as batteries. As we were unable to free them in our current condition we hurried back to town to gather a rescuing party for wither find replacement batteries in some Deep Ones or trying to destroy the tower as well as the Librarian and free our comrades.

Still blinded but well rested at the next day, i started to fear my eyesight would never come back. i prayed to Eldath for his aid and luckily a lesser restoration was enough for me to see again.