DM: Tam

Rurik Luthgar | Barb 3 | Leader
Twee | Rgr 3 | Scout
Bardy | Brd/Clc 2 | Trailblazer
IronTrent | Pal 3
Bodhi | MnkBrb 2

At the Axe-n-Thistle, it was decided to go questing into the forest to the East of Port Mirandia, Trent egging those of us milling about the tavern to go on the rampage. We eventually relented, and with Rurik Luthger at our lead, we headed to the portal. After a few of our folks froze on the way over, and with our paladin having spent much of his magical reserves trying to throw a party for the town guards of White Moon Cove, we decided to rest in Port Mirandia until morning, and head out fresh then.

After a good night of partying, we followed the road south and then entered the forest, spotting some hyenas on the way inside. I asked them a bit about the forest and the fey here, trying to discern if they’re a threat, but there was little threat to be had, and so we continued our way into the forest, where Bodhi, thinking I wasn’t keeping a watchful eye, picked a flower and got slapped by a tree.

Note, Adventurers: Respect the forest and it will respect you. We avoided much trouble in this land by avoiding angering the natural order of things, and you’ll do well to replicate that. I avoided hunting in the woods for this reason.

Continuing on our way, we made camp in the night and it passed with little happening. However, at the end of our last shift, just as morning was arriving we noticed a small pit with a fishing hook sticking out of it. Our paladin went to investigate and, as I was trying to detect anything serious coming from the area, as well as the small amount of jewelry at the end of the line, managed to fall into the pit. We were able to get him out without issue.

With the day beginning, we headed further into the forest when we spotted a swan coming towards us. Having read about the area beforehand, I knew this was an animal associated with the local Summer Court, and thus advised my party not to engage. As it approached, the swan turned into none other than the illustrious Odette, whom greeted us adventurers as Swan Maiden, and Captain of the Guard for the Summer Court under their Unicorn Queen. Odette told us of a gnome-like creature and its minions harassing the summer court in the forest to the southeast, and we all agreed to go take care of it. Apparently, her guards were too busy dealing with a local Hag infestation to do anything about him.

We continued on our journey, and the forest, seeing our care and respect in traversing the landscape, seemed to greet our travels openly. Perhaps Odette had put in a good word, or perhaps the blessing of their Queen was among us. Either way, our travels were swift until we heard the cries of anguish of nearby fey, and rushed to their aide.

There, three fey were under attack by a small creature with a red hat later identified as a Redcap, and two misty creatures. This ensuing fight was a travesty to more seasoned adventurers; I’ll spare you the finer details and leave you with some of the highlights: a dwarf rolling around in anguish, prone and blind nearly dying in the process, a monk swinging at thin air and an unfortunate killsteal from our barbarian on my foe.

I was able to pick up the slack in the fight, and we made short work of the creatures. We there met Blossom, a fair featured newcomer to the Summer Court, who perked up when we mentioned the name Odette and thanked us for our bravery. We discussed the goings on of the Court, but they had only just arrived and thus were of little help in that regard.

Finding our mission complete, and our eyes heavy, we began to turn back to Port Mirandia. We made camp in the forest another night where little happened. I was able to identify large creatures moving north, but decided against engaging them; from their heft and features, I decided they were likely pack animals and herbivores, and returned to my party to ease their fear; I believe the earlier encounter, or perhaps the reputation of the island had them on their toes, but not all in the forest is worth fighting over, especially for weary adventurers, and so we continued the night without issues.

In the morning, we pushed to Port Mirandia and through the portal, rushing to tell the others of our stories and adventures once more back at the Cove, this time each of us passing through the portal with no issue.