I find myself with a new group this day consisting of Desmond the Cleric, Tingork the Ranger, Durnek the Monk, Joule the Barbarian, and Noiman the Rogue. Our objective is to protect road builders from any sort of hostile as they progress with their work. Since my last venture, I have done much reading and research into the ways of a Forge Cleric, even a little jogging has boosted my health.

Road workers

Day 1,                   

Durnek was assigned the position of leader, he discussed particulars with the head builder; Grumpy, once we are ready we shall set off. On our travels we have encountered some adventurers, they offered their assistance for some coin though they needn’t have bothered since we can handle this task ourselves.

Goblins have flanked our position. I will try to reason with them, although my allies have already engaged in combat. They have ignored my attempt at civil conversation and have paid for it for the Party are most efficient as slaying them. I have shouted a threat toward the last survivors who I hope understand our might and don’t return. Nevermind, the party has slain the lot.

Was I right in trying to talk to these things? I am unsure.

I had a conversation with Grumpy. I questioned if his men’s Morale was fine given the attack to which he consulted his men and responded given the efficiency of fellow adventurers they felt up to standards, I actually questioned them but couldn’t make sense of their ramblings. Good to know Morale is fine.

Also provided consultation to Noiman for a strange ancient blade. I am not proud that I was unable to discern more information but Noiman included this was found among a ton of others and armour which is very peculiar given they are from a different region, Gold was offered but I declined given my services were not up to correct standard for a reward, must study harder!!!

Gnolls attacked in the night, they were quickly felled thanks to the party, my training has been paying off for I landed a few blows to the enemy myself. I feel tired and shall sleep for me and this boy, Desmond are on next watch. Nothing is happening of note, took an effort to awake the boy though he did get up seeming rather grumpy.


Day 2

Time to set off. We intercepted an old abandoned Iron mine, a query was brought up to explore it but Durneck dismissed this opting to focus on the building of the roads. A note has been made of the location of the mine.

An injured horse has crossed our paths, Noiman has taken Desmond over to it and they seem to be nursing it to health with good berries. They are quite marvellous. Noiman suspects the owner of the horse is also in peril, he has asked for volunteers to search for the owner of the horse. Everyone seems more content on the protection of the Builders which is fair, however, I have offered my services so Noiman does not venture off alone.

Tingork pointed us towards the direction the horse had travelled from. Currently, we see nothing but landscape and… We were assaulted by Goblins, it was a very close fight but Noiman and I slew the lot of them, not bad for a couple of old men I do say.


We retreated afterwards though I felt shame we gained nothing from the battle but bruises. Later along the road we met a Hobgoblin by the name Damon, out for a job, he sarcastically pointed out the Goblins were attacking us for our supplies. Such a shame the Goblins on this Island are nothing more than savages, though future may prove me wrong.

Noiman set up his tent and invited me to share it. It was rather pleasant compared to sleeping outside, with nothing but my bed matt. Noiman awakened me for my watch, I awoke Desmond who acted so childlike, threw a snowball at me half-heartedly before finally getting up. I dread what the youth have to offer this world sometimes.

Day 3

They were in the trees and the bushes, hiding, waiting… These Gnolls have surprisingly advanced Gorilla warfare tactics for seemingly savage animal-like beings that is. They were also resilient to attacks, it took a lot of effort to take them down, though afterwards their hovel was discovered and we reclaimed their stolen treasures.

We headed back to White Moon Cove with nothing else of note occurring, We didn’t complete as much of the road as we hoped but brought back everyone alive and even gained a little gold in the process. All the party worked flawlessly with Durnek and Joule taking much of the damage and attention of the enemies and the rest of us providing support.

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