The Voyage has concluded and I have landed at White Moon Cove, I have made the journey to this supposed hellish land in the pursuit of research into the enhancement of my magical arts. It was a tough decision to make leaving my former Militia, but after being cooped up doing nothing but reading and research and occasionally showing off my arcane knowledge. I find myself seeking more. Such is the reason I have made this journey.

There’s certainly no shortage to job offers for adventurers, this day at the Axe and Thistle I allied myself with a group whom are heading out of the Cove, as I write this the purpose of the job alludes my old and weary mind though we are to meet with a Bugbear by the name Brock Lee.

Day 1,

Most of the day has been uneventful, just plain travelling, a good bout of exercise in my old age. We have set up camp in an optimal location, it shields us from the cold and provides a ranged advantage for myself and the other Spell Casters due to the cover of trees.

I have been awoken for my ‘watch’, observing the dark to warn the others of an enemy ambush. The campfire is out, it has been purposely covered in dirt no doubt by the previous watchers. No doubt things are lurking in the shadows. Kita (a Sorceress on watch with myself) and I shall awake the next watcher.

I was roused in the night and awoken to a battle cry issued by the Party’s leader, Rimmy Tin; a Ranger. He alerted us to the oncoming offence of a lone Hellhound whom we quickly slay. We were fortunate since they usually travel in packs. I shall now rest up for tomorrow.

Hell Hound

Day 2,

Further travels were thankfully uneventful. Grax, a Druid insisted we at least observe a flock of Axebeaks. They were a sight to behold. Seeing them in the Wild is an experience you can’t find in Illustrations.

Axe Beaks

We have reached Brock Lee, He and Rimmy Tim discussed particulars. I overheard Brock Lee insist we find and eradicate a monster known as the Ooze, I also heard and was taken aback by Rimmy’s comment calling myself and the rest of the party his ‘underlings’.


Before departure I observed an unusual sight, two Ogres smacking a Dead Gnomes head with a baseball bat. I was told they were the Bugbears protectors named Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Where have I heard those names before?

Later, turned in for the night, Brock Lee allowed our future services of hunting the Ooze to pay for our first night, tomorrow will almost certainly be tricky.

Day 3,

Found Ooze tracks and the doorknobs in the snow. They have taken us to a cave, will update progress as we make haste in our effort to find this creature. Allies; Grax and Kavagin (a Barbarian, if not by appearance by intellect) fell into the enemies pitfall trap. I cast Feather falling to minimise injury and Rimmy assisted in taking them out of the pit and the rest of the party (All I’ve named apart from a Cleric; Zoren) across it.

We have encountered a noise further in the cave, will update… There were Spined Devils, two of them. In short spies/scouts. Both successfully slain, final blows brought by Zorin and Kavagin. Good thing as if one retreated it may have rallied enemy forces by providing information on our whereabouts.

Spined Devils

Rimmy has scouted far from the party, I wonder wher- Ah just heard his scream. Has he fallen prey to an ambush? It was the Black Ooze… We lost Kavagin and they almost killed myself if it weren’t for quick thinking, I can’t remember who dealt the final blow for I was at deaths door. I must ensure I don’t hesitate in future, Attack first, questions later.

Black Ooze

We discovered a few items we could flog as chump change. The more valuable items we assigned to one another via a game of chance; rolling dice. I was able to take away a superior potion of healing. We also discovered a dying testimony of a Gnome by the name Snaggletooth. He talked of his brother: Ezekiel had fallen prey to the madness of the Deep ones after this trek and life-threatening encounters I feel exhausted. It was nice to discover fellow party members: Kita and Zoren also spoke Primordial, I learnt it through study, Zoren learnt it through his travels, Kita on the other hand… I must ask her sometime.

We returned to Brock lee to bare the good news, Grax paid Brock for the second night on the condition Rimmy fight the ogres and so he did on the promise of free lodge and boarding. I myself feel so weak, I retired to my room early and still don’t know if it were the Ogres or Rimmy who won.

Day 4,

Feeling back to 100% and certainly wiser to the perils of this land. Today we make our way back to White Moon Cove, a good thing too for I could do with a drink. I’m not usually a religious man but thank Nomog-Geaya for our safe return, we returned to White Moon Cove unharmed but observed yet another strange sight: the Scorched bones of a Half-Elf adult and child in addition to a frozen-over blood pool at a campsite not too far from our own.

This Island is truly barbaric but it certainly has got me intrigued.

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