DM: Seph

Players: Tuzok, Titus, Belanor, Mo’Vak, Karn, Glanfath, Iquis

Dear Master Loquist Faldamiare,

What an interesting journey. After getting settled into White Moon Cove I started looking for something to do. There was a group that wanted to go to some demon something so I thought I would join them. The trip out was uneventful until we went to a cave that had some really nasty looking fleshy red growth. We went in and there was an egg on a metal pedestal that sort of melted into the ground. A couple of the guys started talking to the egg and J’an started talking back. Apparently this egg is a ‘child’ that needs some energy, usually through blood, to finish developing. It asked if any of us wanted to donate and at first I refused. It said in return it would grant me the ability, limited, to see all things as they truly are. I decided that might be an advantage that could come in handy and donated some blood. I felt quite weak afterwards even though the amount of blood was small.

I really hope I don’t regret this.

After that we stayed the night at one of the towers along the road and the next day we went to an odd doorway. It was covered with a red energy and on the other side was a small pedestal with a stone slab on it, almost book like. After a bit of experimentation we walked through and were teleported to a hallway. There was a chest in a small alcove to one side but otherwise the hall was empty. We explored for a bit and found a hole in one room. Going down we continued to explore when we came across a pair of, what I call, mini-beholders. They had one large eye and four eyestalks. We were able to take them out without too much trouble but when we went back to check on the one party member who stayed out of the fight, Iquis, they were gone. He has the ability to disappear into a small statue and both he and his statue were gone.

A few of us started down the only alternate way into the area and came across a couple more of the mini-beholders. We engaged them, or tried to, but they kept moving around another corner in the winding hallway. As I closed in on one it blasted me with one of its beams and almost killed me. Fortunately, it also held me in place and ran away. It took me a bit of time to be able to move again and in that time I was able to mentally map out where we were in relation to the area we had already explored. I decided to head back as I believed we were being lead in a circle. When I got back to the rest of our group I found a couple more of the mini-beholders. They had one of our group held still and the other was just climbing out of a hole in the ground. We attacked them and after a bit of back and forth I was able to drop one of them.

Unfortunately, the surviving one was rather upset and blasted me with another one of those death rays. Needless to say I fell down. I don’t know what else happened but I did wake up along with several other members of our party. The ones chasing the mini-beholders ran into a smallish umber hulk that did a lot of damage before they were able to stop it. We rested in one of the halls for a bit to get our second wind. Partway through our rest we started hearing a crunching noise but decided not to investigate.

When the rest was over we worked our way away from the crunching to explore a bit more of the area that was discovered in the middle of combat. While they looked into different doorways and closets I went towards the crunching to see if it was dangerous. Of course it was as I spied an odd looking tentacle monster. It was working its way towards us and I let everyone know we may be in trouble. Our trouble was magnified when another umber hulk showed up.

We did have a little luck as the umber hulk decided to attack the tentacle thing first. We were working our way past them when our two barbarians decided to run in and attack the victor, the umber hulk. I was trying to drag our remaining unconscious party member but wanted to help them out. As soon as I started that way one of them retreated and the other was attacked and dropped. I continued dragging Mo’Vak towards where we hoped we could exit when suddenly we were back outside next to the red doorway. The rest of the party was there and first aid was administered to those that needed.

We went back to the guard tower to stay the night. As we were settling down a red robed figure approached the tower and asked who the people that were that just completed the test. As we questioned him further it turns out the door and related incidents were some sort of test. There were more we could take but not until we were a bit more experinced.

This is an interesting island and I think I will find lots of things to do. And kill.

Regards, Tuzok