DM: Atlas
PCs: Vuldred, Thran, Lara, Addison, Orson, Jax

Hearing stories about the Silent Forest, we decided it was time to try and eliminate the evil in there. Vuldred leaded us from Ruined Oak east towards the forest and as we were to set up camp a swarm of angry butterflies came upon us. They were quite dangerous and killed Lara’s horse Grif, but we returned the favor and Vuldred shoot the wings of the back from the last butterfly.

During my watch at night a chimera attacked and brought Addison down but Orson came and gave him a Goodberry. With an clean shot, Vuldred landed the killing blow on the Chimera. After we packed up in the morning we traveled further east and came across the ashes of a burned person, which had some powerful magic items with it. The scene looked like some burial. Lara really wanted to take the things, but kept true to his oath and we left the place undisturbed.

During the night I awoke by a horror full howl and saw a pack of large wolf charging towards us. I got to my sins just in time to defend myself with shielding arcane magic. I tried to hold them off as good as I can and used the power of my god to charm the wolfs. But theses there no normal wolf and the charming had no effect on them. One of them sprinted past me and Lara, who had come to my side, and clawing and biting at Addison, sending him to the ground.
Orson did something to Lara’s horse and somehow Grif breathed acid on one of the wolfs. Vuldred healed Addison with a potion, so Thran and I were free to use all our clerical power to slay those wolfs. But before the last one fell it killed Grif sending the horse to the astral planes once again.

Finishing our rest and packing up in the morning, we entered the Silent Forest and after a while, we came across a goblin walking towards us. Addison spoke out “Akkar?”. I don’t know who that is but Addison fired an arrow at him, as Akkar became enlarged and shot back at Addison, then Nage came out of the bush, I remember her from the attack on ruined Oak during the storm. It seems some of our fallen allies roam this woods but they don’t were that friendly anymore. It seems their bodies are only held together by animated trees and sticks.

After we put Akkar’s bodie to rest, a huge Primal Bear appeared attacking, bringing down Lara but Addison brought her back up. There was also a strange shimmering tree, and some magic seemed to come out from it. I killed the bear with my divine power, or at least i though i did, as it instead of falling got even more angry, It lashed out in rage against me, but thanks to my arcane shielding it missed and fall over exhausted

Thran sent his spiritual hammer towards that strange tree and hammered at it, making it more visible for all of us. Some vines came from the ground holding on Thran and myself. While he was able to brake free of them, I had my problems, and the vine’s grip was hurtful but i got free eventually. The tree thing teleported between some totems and never was on the same place for long. Thran hurt it very hard with a flaming sphere directly on it. We could see and hear its agony. 
Suddenly Lara turned into a frog and jumped on that strange tree thing. Orson went other to the frog and spoke some words and we later could see how the frog breathed fire on the thing. In the heat of the battle the tree summoned 4 of those nasty wolfs we thought in the night to his aid. I did some mass healing in trying to keep us up and Thran  summoned a wall of fire burning down the tree-thing and all the wolfs surrounding us. we heard a frog jumping and getting burned by the wall and the screams from Vuldred and Lara as the wolfs went after them.

I asked Thran to drop his wall and after he did I could see Vuldred and Lara lying on the ground. I used my last bit of higher divine power to quickly mass heal all of us bringing both back to consciousness while I slew one of the wolfs. One of the remaining wolfs bit at Lara, sending her down again but then the tree and the wolfs disappeared, as the tree also looked quite damaged and we nearly brought it down. Orson brought Lara back up we searched Akkar’s and Naga’s bodies quickly, finding some potions and I burned them afterward to bring them peace. Lara started trying to summon back Grif but Thran stopped her, as we had to move out of those woods quickly and had no time to waste.

We pushed a bit through the night to get out of the forest and i found a nice resting site with some hot springs. Orson tired to detect magic while Lara resummoned Grif and I used some of my left divine power to heal us all up. 
After that we bathed a little bit in the hot spring feeling rejuvenated but Lara refused to batch with us in the hot spring and exhausted quite a bit more. As the night continued I got woken up by warnings that some dinosaurs there coming towards us, I prepared my self for battle, with my animal charming abilities we might be able to defeat them or hold of long enough to flee. But the Vuldred quickly used created a extradimensional space  on the end of a standing rope and we all climbed in, while Lara sended Grif to the east to led them away.

After an hour we came out of the extradimensional space as it disappeared and the rope became a normal rope again. luckily the dinosaurs had left and we finished our rest. We continued our way back to Ruined Oak and evaded some encounters at our way back.

there was a guy with a hyena head on the back for example

or some undead but we hurried to get back to town as we there still recovering from our encounter in thr Silent Forest and Lara could use the rest.