DM: aDragon
PCs: Vuldred, Fey, Ophelia, Kaine, Aashas, Jax

We gathered, to explore the portal location Szordian mentioned. Before I left, Isaac was giving me some tips, to prepare for the guardians and not just go through the portal on its first activation, as he had discovered, Whoever is on the over side, would notice the activation and have enough time to prepare traps. So we followed his advice and opened the portal a few times before, to either drain some resources of the Guardians or irritate them a little bit. I can’t say for sure if it worked or not. But then we finally went through the Portal, we were still greeted by the Guardians, immediately attacking us as soon as we left the Portal.

We were Prepared, I warded myself and Aashas from Death and the others chugged a few long-lasting potions, but as we arrived we realized this whole area was difficult terrain, slowing all of us down. Vuldred fired a nice opening volley at one of the Wolfes and then tried to get some distance to them, as he was able to ignore the difficult terrain, but so were the wolves. and we were to slow to reach and protect him. They singled him out, paralyzed him and killed him. I was too late to save him. Aashas was able, to bring two of them down, quite easily but there appeared snakes that were hidden before, slinging spells, to paralyze us or counter our own spells. They also threw some lightning bolts at us, but I welcomed every one of those. The remaining wolf and the snakes played hit and run with us, as they always moved away and I was unable to reach them quickly enough, to hinder them with my spiritual guardians. Ophelia was held in place, for quite some time, as was Fey. Luckily I was able to heal both of them a little and protect them better than I could protect Vuldred.

With Fey drinking a potion of Growth, Kaine a potion of flying and Ophelia finally getting free of beeing held. the slow but steady chase of the enemies began and in the end we were Victorious. The turningpoint was merked with Fey throing his empty potion bottly at one of the snakes, paralyzing it through that and following up with some hard punches. I then was able to bring the seccond snake to fall and Ophelia was out for the final one. Though I still feel, like I have failed, as I couldn’t do anymore for Vuldred. I should have known before to protect him better and also cast a death ward uppon him.

With my Guidance, Ophelia found some interesting treasure and we returned home, identifiing it, reporting of the now clear UIF Portal, and bringing Vuldred back, getting him a final rest and fullfilling his last Will.