Dm: Neal

Yatari, joule, lysing, Salem, Vraela, and Kad

OH, MY DEVIL… My little devils, you will not believe what happened. So like Yarsby came by, and I totes thought he was gonna be mad at me for not including his update about his estate being retaken by the Legion of Blood. I tried to hide but he found me and explained a lot more of what was going on.

So he asked us to check out the estate if we could on our way to bring back this spy dwarf named Lukkii Hammermail. He told us that he would set off something for us to find him at night. Looking back now, I think I miss understood it.

So Joule taught us this rhythm for keeping our pace faster and we were making a great time. We quickly found the mansion. Enthusiastically going into stealth mode, tumbling from bush to bush while humming my sneaking song.

As we approached the house, gnolls were popping off everywhere.

There were some fierce-looking ones.

Those super icky and strong undead ones.

Even had a Talos Dwarf there.

The gang quickly dispatched the enemies with prejudice. I got zapped by a lightning bolt from Lysing who was really sorry for doing that… I have come to the conclusion I’m a lightning magnet… I’m getting ahead of my self…

So after Salem burned the corpses with fire, cremating them to ash. We continued to the center of that maze where the fountain door wat was. None of us could figure out how to open it so Vreala and I just kept using our musical talents to blow it away with shock waves of thunder.

We got back in and I’m sorry to say… they looted everything. They even took the gross dead bodies. Every scrap of paper. Everything was gone.

We quickly left and headed out towards the northeast clearing before making camp. Joule fed us some really trippy nuts like she has the best connect. While I was enjoying the experience we heard a very loud boom led by a very bright flash. Kad determined it was 6 miles due northeast. We decided to finish our sleep and head there in the morning.

In the morning we approached this magical blast area. It was huge! There were 8 stone pillars in a circle, some as tall as 15ft. Between them were 8 smaller pillars that looked like they had been dragged about 30 feet from the explosion leaving huge gashes in the ground.

There were creatures hiding in the debris so we moved up to face them. The entire combat was a blur of cold hard steel hitting these creatures, magical explosions, clouds of poison, gigantic spheres of darkness. I was hit by lightning twice by some invisible blood wizard. Both times the world went black and I awoke to kind words from my party members.

In a moment of mutual understanding, Vraela and I shared soothing words to each other. It was a beautiful moment.

So we had a faceless tank

A faceless flying scimitar with darkness

And faceless invisible &#$^%$@& with lightning that countered some of my spells.

I believe these creatures do not rely on normal vision as they had no issue in the darkness from what the others said. We took out all but the faceless invisible &#$^%$@& who barely got away. I noticed a dead dwarf under one of the moving pillars. Whatever information he had died with him…

I got an idea!

Okay so I went and got Joule and Lysing and we found Dwaff, that great and noble gnome of the mighty lord Jamb. Dwaff used his immense power through Jamb to contact the soul of Lukkii. We were able to find out that,

-the forces are headed to The Blood Citadel.
-He didnt know where that was but it was close.
-The bulk of the forces are at a hidden port at the moment.
-Recruits are comming from across the sea and as far as the forrest of thornes.

Since we have not gotten all the information we need and in general I feel sort of responsible. Joule and I have decided to pay for a Reincarnate so longg as he confirms that he is willing to be brought back.

So stay safe.

P.s: we got some info from the reincarnated guy.

Operation operates vaguely in the northeastern peninsula. Everyone to this mighty force goes in there. Gnolls are trained extensively by the Talos dwarves. There is a heavy sense of hierarchy. The gnolls at the bottom, followed by the Talos dwarves, then the Cultists of Tsaran.

Tsaran is the main leader of this Blood Legion. He wants control of the locturn, he wishes to wipe out all of us and raze our towns. He is working heavily at reactivating the blood scourage. He also does have a master confirmed as the blood lord.

Right now the intel is becoming outdated. There are attempting to move the operation as they know we know about what’s happening. They are aware we know there is a hidden port up there and the training happening. There is a blood citadel somewhere westward that will be their central command.