DM: Mostly Lewis, a little bit of Kor at the start and Faz in the middle

PCs playing important roles:
William, Velikos, Isaac, Treylan, Gwaed, Edron, Basnai, Warden
and many others who ventured with Jax.

My Death
My story begins with my deathWe fought gnolls, slivers and finally some gnoll-sliver-hybrid. Well that monster killed me just moments before it was slain. Luckily i got resurrected and my comrades handed me a magical amulet, that turned out to be a powerful healing amulet called “Zekerian Amulet”.

Trouble with the Drow
A little later we heard from an expedition that stumbled across a silver mine inhabited by drow. The drow killed one of them so some of us decided we should investigate that mine retrieve the fallen and maybe clear the mine from the drow.
In our attempt we got ambushed by the drow and there enslaved, they took all our valuables, including the Zekerian Amulet. At least we could buy ourselves out of the slavery for a low price of 200 gp per person. And so begins our trouble with the drow.

Retrieving the stolen items
Many of us were eager to get back to the drow and retrieve the stolen items.
I heard the first expedition ran into some earthquake and the found the drow leaving/abandoning the mine. They tracked down some of them and took one of them as a prisoner. The aftermath of that went really bad, as he escaped, killed the watch and took Warden’s pegasus with him.
I went with another group out to see what happened to the silver mine. We fought some spider-like monsters and some changed drow. I took a bath in the river streaming through the mine and barely made it out of the water.
Exhausted I had to rest and let the group go in further on its own. They all did come back after some tough fight against a drow-spider monstrosity. They found my amulet on that thing after they defeated it and I was so happy that I saw too late that, while still being the amulet I got it got somehow corrupted and i could not take it off anymore.
We still there eager to find the drow as well as save and retrieve Warden’s Pegasus. We heard that the drow are located inside the Briarwall Forest and went, through a hole blasted by the gnomes, inside to find the drow and the pegasus. we only found a copy of White Moon Cove and had to fight against some half-drow, as some kind of training for the drow to against us. We fought them of but didn’t found any signs of the missing pegasus. When heading back we saw that the hole was closing.

Transformation into a spider
In later expeditions, we there trying again to find a way through the briarwall. One day we encountered a dragon tree. I got caught in his breath and went down. The corrupted amulet still tried to save me, but while it’s healing powers were still working it also started to bury itself into my chest and wrapping around my heart. Suddenly little spider hairs started growing all over my body and I was able to climb like a spider.
I tried meditating and finding out how I might be able to cure that curse. My heart felt like it had to pump a little harder. Casting a remove curse sadly only suspended this new form of me for an hour. While searching for a more permanent solution I was on a mission with another group to check out strange some strange happenings at our new founded quarry and rescue the mayor’s nephew. We defeated some cultist trying to sacrifice him.
During the fight, I nearly went down again and the amulet kicked in, kept me staying but at the same time my condition got worse. I grew a second pair of eyes and could see really well in the dark, while the sunlight was now a bit troublesome for me. I decided that can’t go on that way, I have to do something about this.

The surgery
I heard rumors about quite a talented surgeon named William in out Town, he saved Warden some time ago. So i asked around eager to find him. Finally after some time Wiliam approached me and asked how he could help. I told him my story and proposed some sort of heart surgery to see if the cursed amulet could be cut out.
Wiliam gathered a team consisting of him self, Velikos, Treylan, Gwaed and Edron.
At first Isaac also wanted to help, but something hindered him. We went to the healers place to ask for a room with a table where we could hold the surgery. The plan was to cut me open and try a remove curse directly on the amulet to see if it then could be taken off.
I casted remove curse on my self to start, so my altered appearance would not be an issue. Wiliam opened me and Velikos smashed my sternum with his rapier, i was totally relaxed about this. They could see the amulet, in form of a little spider, not only wrapped around my heart, but also partly in my heart, as if it was slowly replacing it. Velikos casted a remove curse on the amulet and it looked like they would be able to get it off.
The next thing i remember is getting shocked back into consciousness, i think i was dead for a split second. Treylan healed me back up while William was also closing my wounds.
I felt better now and could saw that the amulet was outside. Velikos suggested that we should destroy it but I, still a bit weak and feeling a little bit strange on how my heart feels, said i will hold onto it for now, safely put away and locked in a chest, to search for guidance in how I could reverse the corruption. so that its old glory could be restored.

The lightning experiments
As I have told, I felt better but again something was different about me, I was not cursed anymore, but the near death experience and the getting back to live through Lightning from Velikos had left his marks. I was strangely accustomed to lightning damage but also needed now regular doses of lightning to keep my heart beating, as if my body and heart there absorbing lightning.
I often consulted Velikos now so he could infuse my body with lightning and was carefully with whom i go on further missions often partnering with Isaac or sometimes Basnai, who gladly infused lightning in me during our rests. I also tried to learn as much as i can from them about the arcane in general and especially everything about lightning, so that i would be able to infuse some lightning into me by myself. As i have told in an my last story, I also have found a wand of lightning bolts now to help me with that goal.

Conclusions and the Future
So what remains now you ask? Well, the threat of the drow is still there, i was there then Treylan got charmed and watched how he got haunted bye them in his dreams. They are trying to find out everything they can about us it is only a matter of time until they will infiltrate and assault us. And then there is also still the chapter about the cursed amulet, I’m still searching for ways to cleanse it from the drow’s corruption. It will be safely locked away until I find a way to cleanse it or find out that I have to destroy it.
So that concludes my story so far, fare well fellow adventures.