DM: Fazakerley
PC: Jax

“I was quite surprised, i must say, then you watched me doing my parkour and offered some help. That arena is some astounding place, one moment i was standing in the center of it and the next, I was on a riverside, with an nice view of some mountainside. It was just after sunrise and i got the feeling that i had to reach the summit of that one mountain a few miles ahead before the sun would set. A Satyr laughed behind me and whished me farewell in my task, seeing it difficult regarding my short legs. I tried to use my water walking capabilities but my magic did not work. I stumbled a bit in the water and the Satyr pulled me out, saying ‘This will be more a test on your physical skills. Your magic will not be of huge help.‘ So i tried a bit different approach.”

Jax takes a sip of tea and turns back to Barro.

“I jumped into the Water grabbing on to a log and used the current to close the distance towards the mountain. After a while the Water got even more wild and i tried to hold closer to the log. Then i saw that there was some hole in the log there i could climb into and cruise the river a bit more easily and relaxed. I made some good distance and took a closer look onto the surroundings, then it was that i saw some sharp rocks, i was heading towards. I tried to push myself into one side of the log and try navigate through them, but i was not strong enough. It thought about a quick use of another water walking but remembered, that it would be of no use. It was to late, my log crushed into the sharp rocks and I got spun around.”

Jax takes another sip and continues his story.

“My log was damaged, i barely could hold onto it and we passed the stones, bu the nice hole i had was no more. The water got calmer and and I saw that there was suddenly an end and the river fall into the deep, i could not see how far down it would go, so I made it to the side grabbing some rocks and barely made it on land. I got close to the cliff. It did go down like 30 feet, I could climb down, but figuring that i was on a timely mission and securing the descend might take to long and i probably need the climbing equipment more when i try to ascend the summit, I jumped down into the pool, the waterfall was building. I stumbled a bit and landed with my back on the water, it hurt a bit but i had to move on. I got a bit more with the river,but seeing that i came close to the mountain and the river was heading left, I got to the right of the river and onto land. Wandering another hour towards the mountain.”

Making a short pause and drinking some more time, Jax continues.

“Feeling a bit hungry I summoned some food, gladly it did work. I ate a bit and use some healing powers to lessen the effect of my jump down the waterfall. The Satyr appeared again. I offered him some food and he thanked me for, saying he was quite surprised I made it that far. I walked a bit around the mountain, searching for some path to begin the ascend. A bit to the right I found a nice looking path. I started climbing but stumbled and brought a little stone avalanche coming towards me. I tied to doge but it hit me full front. ‘Well,’ I said to my self ‘this is not the time to give up.’ so I made an other attempt and successfully started ascending the mountain. After a while, the path got really tight and I started using some pitons and my rope to secure my self. Then I heard a goat, I used my magic to cast speak with animals and chatted a bit with the goat, seeing if it could help me finding a good path towards the summit. After a little chatter It agreed to lead me a bit further. I watched closely their the goat set it steps and followed its example.”

Taking an other sip and then refilling the tea cups, Jax looks at Barro.

“The goat lead me quite far and thanked it and it changed into the satyr, complementing on my success so far. The final part towards the summit was before me. I tried to heal my self up a bit but my magic faded away. Now it was time to make good use of the climbing equipment i got from you. I started using the pitons as steps, trying to pull the those out again that there beneath me and no longer needed, but this did not work so well. I tired again, now finding more grips in the mountains and using the pitons and the rope to secure my self. This, although slow, worked good and i made it a good chunk closer to the summit.”

Taking a short dramatic pause.

“Then suddenly a huge bird like creature appeared and lunched at me. I tried to speak with it but it seamed to be different then normal animals and it dd not work. It grabbed me and I barely could hold onto the rocks. It flew a bit away and took some distance to come again at me. I squeezed through some rocks behind me adn found a little cave that defended me against that creature. After some long minutes passed by the Bird lost interest and flew away. I chucked down a healing potion hoping it would work better then my magic, but it had no effect. I continued my ascend and discovered a red cord hanging a little above I tried to jump and grab it but could not reach it. My second attempt was better, I used my rope and threw one end trough the loop of the cord. With that i got almost to the summit, then some skeletal hands started grabbing me. i dodged away and hurried towards the summit. The Satyr was already waiting for me then i reached just in time to see the sun set. He applauded me and congratulated to my successes”

Finishing his tea, Jax has a smile on his face.

“I tell you that was quite an interesting adventure. The next moment i was again in the center of the arena feeling stronger, faster and more nimble. I really have to thank you for that chance to attempt that arena challenge. But that is enough for me today. I need some rest now. Farewell friend.”