We got word of lost children and immediately made our way to the swamp.
But first, the important notes to have been gathered are:

  • There is a friendly Lizardfolk village
  • Bloodsuckles can implant seeds within you which kill you from the inside out
  • Methgators were born from a weird murky liquid
  • Someone was abducting children (and bandits?) and feeding them to the Methgators
The area the children are likely to be found

As we were on our way to the swamps we saw a lizardfolk, Sassasussiaus, tied to a tree. We freed him. He informed us that on his way to save the children he was jumped by bandits. These bandits took his sweat turtle shield and a fancy spear with feathers and tied him to the tree. He joined our party to save the children.


Our first step was to retrieve Sassasussiaus’s weapon and shield. As we came upon the bandit’s encampment we couldn’t see any bandits. However, as Wolfgang approached a plant attacked and grappled me. Sassasussiaus called out and warned me that the party needs to destroy this plant before it implants its seed within me. I tried escaping, but that failed. Fiver tried to push it away, but that also failed due to its strong roots. Upon its death, we saw it used a person’s body as nutrients and its core. These are dangerous immobile plants so be careful. Killing more such plants we were able to reequip Sassasussiaus with his spear and turtle shield.


Searching south of the bandit camp we found the kids slowly waddling away tailed by six weird-looking crocodiles. Their speed was an astounding thing. One was able to grab me in its jaws and drag me about a hundred feet into this central pool which they were all around. I held my breath so as no to breathe it in and after they were all dispatched Sixer informed me that this stuff can be corrosive is left on me and who knows what horrible side effects it could have. We learned from the kids that an alligator captured them and tied them down in one of the Methgator nests. Which made us come to the conclusion that maybe these Methgators are someone’s creation. We also opened their guts to see other people which we decerned as the bandits. We then made our way back home.

DM: Geo
Fiver the De-Grappler
Sixer’s BF the other De-Grappler
Wolfgang the Tank?!
Ruebearka the Speaker of Beasts