By: Thordin


Party: Toradin, Daffodil, Jinx, Kavor, Blue, Dexter, Shoam

Mission: The time of Felt

Some fellow adventurers and I were hired to escort and protect some of the road workers from Ruined Oak as they labored on extending our reach into the wild north by continuing the Briarwall Bypass. When we left White Moon Cove we headed north to the portal to get fast travels to Ruined Oak, since it was a majority of the parties first time using it we were all stuck by some form of frost that damaged the party quite a bit. Upon arriving at The Ruined Oak, we met a middle aged Thiefling that went by the name Scotty once arriving into town. We got with his caravan of 40 road workers and we were off.

Upon leaving the town we were stuck by some heaving rains heading up north. Not even a couple miles out of town we came across a beggar on the side of the road with a cloak asking for change. While it was very odd seeing a beggar this far out of town he also had some bodies under a cloth by him. two of the party members threw some coins at the beggar as Dexter lifted up the sheet of cloth with his dagger to uncover several undead lash out to attack us all. there were several undead and a larger undead that eventually split up the party. I nearly escaped death during our encounter with this undead as i was surrounded and thrown to the floor. luckily Nanaki, Blues spirit animal came to rescue me and i was magically teleported away. we eventually were able to slay everything after myself and daffodil were knocked unconscious.

Two days had passes and we came across a strange entrance to a keep of to the east on the outskirts in the Briarwall. The entrance had two brass sphinx statues that had looked like a shrine heading up to the keep. Dexter had sent his familiar, Dee Dee and owl to investigate a little bit, upon getting closer an owl had flown out of the single tower in the keep and defensively pushed Dee Dee back. we figured we could inform the tavern of our findings of this place for another party to investigate this further as we had our own goal at hand we had to do.

Once we arrived to the edge of the road we had our first day of road building ahead of us. we came across a small cottage on the western side of where the future road was going to be built.

We met an older human man by the name Thorlden he answered his door armed as he wasn’t used to visitors but he calmed down very quickly. we told hi about the road that would be built along side his home and informed him that if he had anything to trade he could do so with the traveling caravans. He began to say the only thing he could offer to trade would be fur pelts and offered some to our party but no one had the use at the moment. He began to say if he needed anything at all from future caravans that he would need spices, salt and peppers mainly. As we made camp at the end of the first day all was going well for now.

The Second day of road building led to a surprise of three halflings armored with spears doning full chain mail. Upon arriving to our caravan of workers they introduced themselves as Primric, Janyver and Davbiin. It did take a little bit to gain their trust as we had party members trying to forge their names and give false identities but the told us that they scout the local area for a local in that happened to be just off of where the road was planing to be built. The Inn went by the name “The Clever Veteran” the Bar-maid, Brownies kept the Inn in top shape and was the cleanest Inn i have been to in a while! Once we got a full night rest at the Inn we headed out for our last day we would be able to do some more road building.

The Last day of road building was calm as well, we did see a brown bear off in the distance eating on its recent kill of a deer. By the looks of it being a full carcass of deer it didn’t bother us while we worked on the road since we were so far away from it and we had such a large craven, if we got closer it probably would have just ran away. Once we bed down after 3 nights of hard watch over all the laborers it really felt like all was going to be ok till our last night of watch……

We were ambushed on our last round of watch by 4 massive dinosaurs. They had so many horns on their hood and they came charging the caravan with all their might.

Two of our party members we not so fortunate, as everyone was waking from a dead sleep two were impaled by their massive horns on their head and bodies we skewered and stuck to them. The fallen comrades were Jinx, who i had just had watch with just a few hours prior talking about how we just both got off the ship together this week and were excited for adventures. The other was Shoam whom i barley got a chance to talk to. In the midst of everything two of the other dinos that did not kill our comrades stampeded towards our caravans wagons destroying two of our three wagons. We were eventually able to flee away and distract them with some fog clouds and slay one of them as we all fled away. All of the workers surprisingly survived, once the area was all clear and the massive beasts eventually left the area we quickly packed up the last wagon with anything we could fit in it and hurried back to Ruined Oak.

As we were almost back to Ruined Oak we came across a trail that went off to the Briarwall covered in ogreish tracks leading to what looked to be some form of lair. After losing two comrades already we had no desire to investigate anything anymore and just wanted to get back home.

With this being my first mission out of the way and having such tragic losses already just with in the first week of being here one begins to think was it worth coming to this dangerous land to explore??….