I shit you not. Today we were out and about around the city and one minute we’re camping and the next minute we’re in something’s dream. And not just ANY thing.

We didn’t get to meet the dreamer but it did show up in our mind right before it booted us of the drea nightmare.

Within the dreamscape, we found ourselves in a room made of stones as if it was part of a tower. The inhabitants came in two varieties, the first one being a manifestation of unconscious defense mechanisms taking the form of a severely diseased creature. The other type of inhabitants were… tourists. Some fey motherfucker willingly visiting the dream took an evil pleasure in generating chaos to activate the afore-mentioned defenses.

Truth be told, there was more fear than harm. Once we realized how squishy everything was, we took an offensive stance that served us well and allowed us to survive until the thing woke up.

While I’m happy to be back, I can also feel myself a subtle yearning to be back there and meet the dreamer.

I think I will stay in town for the next few days.