The New Portal  

Today was a crazy day, after a crazy night drinking a few friends and I thought it would be fun to open the path through a new portal. Waking up that I felt excitement of an adventure and thoughts of riches that might be. Hoping like always I would be able to be a shadow of the group and strike fear of the darkness for all of the evil denizens of the world. As we approached the portal and talking about strategy, we Joule received a potion of growth after we placed the stones in the controller there was nothing holding us back bringing up the rear as I stepped though the portal a battle was already underway. Right out in front of the portal It looked to be a clashing of titans and joule was going blow for blow with a giant golem. Knowing I did not want to get into anyone’s way I ran to the side of the room trying to becoming one with darkness. After getting into position I shot a little construct that had crawled up beside the big one to me chagrin normal arrows and sliver arrows had no effect on it the only thing left for me to do was use my few plus two arrows. As I was trying make take out the little ones another small three small constructs crawled out of the pit around the portal. One had he’s eyes locked onto me. Val and zephyr gallantly jumped the hole and came down in between two of the little guys. The fighting was going wellish till the little guys started to make our party rise up in the air and trying to throw us into the pit. The construct that had it out for me hurt me bad and my friend lysing was coming to help I could tell my training in hiding was working but as the evil thing was swinging wildly at me. Unfortunately, I was unable to get away from he’s blows. All I saw was black…. 

As I laid in my own blood fading into the darkness was not an option yet. Forcing myself back awake using all the strength I stood again lysing had brought me to the other side of the temple by a thunder step or something like that. Defiantly I stood shoot a few more shots at the big guy as I cast a healing sprint Hoping to help myself and my party after getting a little heatlh back. An explosion from the big Meany sent me back to the ground. As I laid there this time, I was only thinking how much I had failed my team if I died here, I found it in myself to stand again. Shooting my last plus two arrow I had nothing left out of pure spite I shot at the big guy with a normal arrow to luck. Lysing had a huge storm in the middle of the temple and joule spiting fire was the only reason I am able to tell this story. Sammal and valorean had trouble of thier own sometime when I was knocked out, they both fell to the bottom of the pit into a vat of acid they were able to get out and where fighting a huge snake. Without a thought joule jumped all the way to the bottom to help the two at the bottom after val got the killing blow all was quite in the ziggurat. After looking around there was many murals in the room on the 2nd floor as that is where the guardians awaited anyone brave or dumb enough to enter their resting place