Well, I should say my sense of adventure is near to climax as I just had to return to that curiosity in the crevice. I, with Karn, quickly rounded up a group (Lily, Bardy, Titus) and headed back out, for it adventure is to be had, none shall impede the cause.

It didn’t take long to find that seriously strange rock spewing shadows across the plains. Seriously, somone should do something about that. A danger to all if I must say. Let it be known we did not tally for long as we had places to go, and Karn had an idea. We quickly bypassed the thing and headed to that boorish outpost. Rough nights in the wild always accompany harrowing journeys and deeds. One quick night dealing with those same imbeciles and we were quick upon our destination.

Upon entering, we reconnoitered with that oddity of a glowing circle, and, with the help of my new best mate Bardy we were able to understand it. If only in the slightest. It seemed to be a conscious thing. Full stop, a circle… a conscious thing.. I know, but don’t let me lose you, have faith in me on this. The circle seemed to be the manifestation of an other world entity (much as myself but without the dashing looks and grandeur). The poor thing had no way to “stretch it’s legs” as they say, or even see the world around it in this local (not that I’d want to spend much time staring at the walls in this retched dump of a cave.) It was then that I felt mercy for my fellow non local and offered to become a method of enjoying the many splendors of the world. Karn also seemed to see the selflessness in the act and offered as well. Upon a simple donation of blood (far be it for me to kink shame or denounce an entity for the way it interprets the world) it was finally able to see the world around it. As a blessing of thanks, it gave me stunningly violet eyes, which I will say compliments my vest quite well.

From there, we decided to travel through that ruddy disgusting cave some more, if only to “clean it up” a bit. We found a hole and an lift down so, naturally, we just had to explore. We discarded the lift as it was old and decayed. Tying new rope to the lift we simply decided to climb down. Kayn was the first, as he insisted ( I would have been fine to go myself, but, never let another tell you that I am selfish.) Upon taking my turn on the rope down, I heard some clashing from below. Unsure of what was going on, I felt the need to expedite my journey down the dismally long hole. Letting off the rope (and in an extreme display of dexterous precision) I flew down the opening in time to see a small strange goblinoid assaulting my party. With all the haste of the raven I manifested directly above the beastly thing (obviously taking it by sheer surprise and magnificence) thrust my rapier directly through, pinning it to the ground through it’s entire chest cavity and delicately landing with not but a bit of dust to be seen. My friends were in danger of quitting this life so I took haste in ensuring that they were cared for before moving along myself.

There seemed to be an extreme heat from this place, something that those of less acclimation may find too much to bear. I myself was fine, but do beware if you deem to find yourself down that way. We traversed the area, expertly disarming several traps and taking other such foul beasts by surprise and eventually finding ourselves a massive chest filled to the brim with gold and other bits of recompense for our troubles. We headed back up for we felt no reason to stay and made our way easily to the outpost to endure another night of hardship in the midst of blundering fools.

Another day, another daring adventure as we headed out toward home, making sure to stay well clear of that foolish rock and it’s overshadowed mist.