Oxalis Tetraphylla

Considering the situation with the gnolls seems to be heading to a climax, with a military intervention on the horizon, it was decided to warn Gordon the Fisherman and his friend Lozonzo, seeing that they live on the coast and might be caught in the proceedings. It was decided, to allow Gau to learn more about the animals on the island, to walk more cross-country and along the coastline, instead of following the [safer] roads

When we reached a bridge over what appeared to be a crevasse, we saw two giant snakes seemingly trying to cross the bridge. When Gau tried to talk to them, though, it proved an ambush set up for the unwary crosser: a kenku, armed with bow and arrows, demanded gold to let them pass the bridge. As we were not in the mood to pay anything, pretty soon proceedings deteriorated into a martial exchange of viewpoints [and other points, like arrow points]. This was joined by other kenku, an adder, and some flesh mound that looked like a cross between a flesh golem and an ogre in training. Unfortunately [for the opposition] the whole exchange proved to be quite one-sided. On the leader of the kenku we found a note exhorting him to track down a thief called Redorgan and to relieve him both of the monies he stole and all his fingers. Neither of us had any idea who this guy might be.

Not far down the coast, we laterfound what probably had been the kenku’s campsite, which we then used for the night.

During the night, [and of course again right during my watch], we were attacked by something that this time around seemed to be some kind of undead alligator-thing, mostly skeletal, with a bassett-like body and the elongated snout of a croc. Again, this beast was quickly dispatched.

During their own watch, one of our group discovered several blocks of peat , which had been stored there for quite a while, which we decided to take along, seeing as they seemed to have been abandoned.

When we closed in on Gordon’ home, we found some errors lying on the ground, with green and black fletching. Despite our concerns, Gordon seemed to be alive and well – and hospitable. While there, he told us about a giant in the ocean [?] guarding something and about seeing orange flashes over the ocean. These might be something to investigate later, once the gnoll situation has been solved.

When we left him in the next morning, he was well and alive – and forewarned. We decided on a swifter voyage home and to take the road instead. Of course, our journey but would not be uneventful. We came upon two commoners that were accosted by a gnoll, a skeleton that grew some weird vines and was able to attack at a distance with them, and to swarms of rats. It would seem that the gnoll was experimenting to become a necromancer, a frightening thought, especially with war looming on the horizon.

We came too late to save one of those commoners, but just in time to save the other. The oddest moment must’ve been when both swarms of rats decided to swarm all over me – and one of us decided to set all the rats a flame. Before those claims could hurt me, I managed to disappear [the burning rats falling to the ground through a silvery mist] and to reappear about 10 yards away, which seemingly surprised all that saw this. Fortunately, we were able to shoot down the gnoll before it managed to flee – I would’ve hated if whatever information this gnoll had had reached the gnoll leaders.

We escorted the commoner to the Black Footpad Inn, and from thence returned to White Moon Cove, from a quite uneventful – and equally unprofitable – trip.