The Beast-er Bunny

  • Some Merchants were attacked moving Chocolate Eggs from WMC to RO, go and fetch them back and bring them to RO for the Merchants.
  • PC’s: Panzer, Sgt. Nikolai, Adfir, Ogis, Aether
  • DM: Adalyn and her army of Bunnies

Agent Aether’s preliminary report: Island inhabitants are prime candidates for The Cycle’s work. Perhaps I will be able to train here before moving on to other places and amassing more forces to defeat the Target. No matter, today’s report involves the recovery of several holiday themed chocolate eggs…. from deadly rabbits.

These creatures were most definitely servants of The Cycle, breeding in secret beneath a magic warping tree and feeding on the flesh and blood of others. The tree hid a warren of great size filled with various rabbits of varying size and danger. Some were small and ridled with rabbies. Others were the size of bears with near demonic form. The last….. roughly the size of a large dog was our target, the Beast-er Bunny: skinless, angry, hungry, and – worst of all – it spewed fire upon us repeatedly before we managed to take it down.

Between acid, javelins, radiant flame, the Tolling Bell of the Cycle of Life and Death, some mace swings, skeleton hands reaching up from below, and even me stabbing a few rabbits with my knife…. (successfully, mind you, don’t look at me like that) I can proudly, and a little annoyedly, say that it took everything we had to bring down the Beast-er Bunny and its companions.

Well, tata for now, enjoy the festivities.