Tl;dr; More forge clearing action with actual progress. One area of many cleansed and secured.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The dwarves have started their rune crafting.
•Runes can be purchased and applied to armor, some overnight, some take a week
•Area A2 has been cleansed of the forge taint.
•The forge effects are still very random and possibly dangerous
•A very dangerous Adamantine Golem immune critical hits and all but high level magic was not destroyed, possibly still around.

Session Title : Forge Foraging
Session GM : Geokhan
Session Date : 05 Sept 2021 @ 18:00

Bardy (Bard 11/Cleric 1) with Sisyphus the Pegasus
Eight (Monk 12/Wizard 2)
Joule (Barbarian 12/Fighter 3)
Uzza (Warlock 14) with Ral the Imp
Valorean (Paladin 6/Sorcerer 7) with Azure the Griffon

A update to a previous entry of mine, referred to here https://sleeperisland.eu/three-amiigos-go-to-the-forge/ ~Bardy

Eight and I went back to try to continue the hard work of helping the dwarves secure the perimeter around the Forge Citadel, We brought who we could find. We had no incident getting to the teleportation circle and had a nice refresher from Klorpmunder about the fort, (again I missed the names of the Vanguard members, so interesting is the display they put on for newcomers) and the dangers of the forge area and what we needed to do here. I was delighted to discover the dwarves had managed to use our paltry progress last time to start their runeworks. Several of my group purchased a rune this trip.

To sum up the dangers of the forge area;
•Do not fly above One-hundred feet, disintegration comes then from the Forge Citadel defenses.
•The area around needs to be cleansed and calmed by performing a ritual on nodes and altars throughout. Until then, the rifts wild magics cause random and possibly dangerous effects, including madness, wild magic, null magic, teleportation
•Creatures have been absorbing this magic, making them more dangerous. The larger ones have absorbed enough that magic stones have coalesced within them, the dwarves values these greatly.

We rest the night in the safety of the fort preparing for the next day. In the morning we set out. We were attacked essentially the moment we got to the area we had last been. This time imps were a vanguard, possibly looking for us. There were mighty awakened trees, some more of the large rhino creatures and the most dangerous was a fairly large Adamantine Golem. This golem was capable of smashing the ground with such force as to render those too close to it stunned. It was capable of shrugging of the strongest of blows and most magic. We did not manage to destroy it, instead a forge rift ripped it away from our vicinity, so I provide a warning to future groups about this golems possible presence.

The imps were controlled by a mad warlock of some power, he was capable of doing to Joule was Uzza did to the Golem. He was killed though. There was also a sniper of sorts in the trees that was killed. (we did have a slight tangle in that none of us picked up the ritual but Eight solved that by running at extreme speed to go get it.) After the fight we found two more magic stones from the large rhinos, then performed the ritual on a node Eight had found. Immediately it was clear that the area around the node was cleansed of the Forge taint.

The Warlock
The Sniper

We returned to the fort and the dwarves were thrilled with our progress. They paid us for the stones we found, then we left as with Joule power we could travel back to Ruined Oak on the same day. On this map A1 and A2 are clear of forge taint.