PCs: Isaac, Thran, Yog, Phineas, Vuldred, Shantarr, Warden, Jax

saac gathered over strong adventurers and head out to explore the portal destination (DOF), where months ago a group did not come back from. Sadly I was occupied, so i could not go with them. Isaac, Phineas, Yog, Thran, Vuldred and Shantarr went out to see what is on the other side and I whished them good luck

Warden and I followed them shortly after, to wait for their return and not long after Vuldred, Phineas and Shantarr came back out, quite hurt and with sad faces. They had the remains of Isaac with them. But they lost Yog and Thran for good. They asked for help, as the danger was not dealt with yet. While they took some minutes of catching breath they told Warden and me what they had faced.
The portal was leading to a desert and a huge lady engulfed in flies awaited them. She was quite resistan to normal weapon attacks and had some anti-magic field around them. And if she was near you, the air was hard to breath. They described how Isaac felt useless. But after a while she let go of the field and while they had to retreat, she was also quite hurt.

We went back to the Portal. Shantarr, in his earth elemental form, went first and questioned us to wait for a few seconds before following. Arriving on the other side, I saw Thran’s’ body fighting the others. It seemed the curse of undeath had taken that noble dwarf, i had called a friend. As we put him to rest, a swarm of flies came out of him and we faced the Lady.

I called for spiritual guardians and surrounded her with them. She was still hurt, but unable to breath Vuldred, was slain and pushed away and even Warden almost fell if it was not for his relentless endurance. I healed them up a bit and some forceful blasts from Phineas, the lady of flies finally fell to the ground.
We gathered the remains of Yog and Thran, as well as some stuff from the Lady and headed back to town, getting Isaac resurrected. Now that the Portal is free, we have to find out there it actually leads to in regards to White Moon Cove and Ruined Oak.