Players – Carric(Zak), Chris(Timmy), Iceforge(Nalkris), KCutajar(Chalie), Phonzo(Dorro), Ramz-E(Vestrivan)

Timmy makes some new friends, and meets a kindred Kitty named Vestrivan. First they started out of WMC and headed north towards the forest with nothing happening the entire day, so we made camp on the side of the road, ready to venture into the forest tomorrow morning.

That night we ran into some electric Butterflies i was sleeping but i was told they were beautiful and i couldn’t help but wonder how fun it would have been to chase them?

We ventured into the forest the next day full of fog and hard to see, but we found a giant frog egg hanging from a tree, Chalie our giant climbed the tree, and knocked it down and it got gooey everywhere, i was wary of it, you know being weird and all, but Zak was so brave, he scooped 2 hands into the Frog Egg and devoured the little babies inside. i dont know why but he seemed to like it said it was good tasting, but before Timmy could try, some Frog Parents showed up, and basically took advantage of all the slowest of friend. Timmy and Vestrivan Climbed Trees and took out the entire Frog Clan. Timmy felt remorse when his Murdered the Giant white Frog, but it was for his friends.

Afterwards we went and took a nap at an inn, on the side of the road, and we decided to go home.