On the first day Timmy and company set off from the Axe and Thistle moving west onto the road, searching for some adventure at midday we left the safety of the road, and found a carriage that was turned over and on fire.  We investigated the wreckage, and came upon 2 dead bodies on to what looks like an old road, as we were trying to help and put the dead to rest, the road came to life and tried to eat us. First it was our ranger(Zandaris) who was attacked and as we were helping him escape, the road came to life again and tried to eat me, at some point I was knocked unconscious, but thanks to our bard(Johann) he saved my life, many of us were knocked unconscious at times, but our companion the wizard(celwar)  was killed.  We buried him and the other victims of the road, and placed a marker so he will not be forgotten.

On the first night, we found a tree to camp under, i started first watch and remained in the tree for an advantage in height, most of the night was uneventful until our other wizard (Gutten), let a stranger into camp, and as far as I can tell, it was after our Artificer (Khora), i was awakened from a large thunderclap, and jumped to my feet to save the day, i walked along the tree, and shot the doppelganger multiple times, i even stunned him enough that he couldn’t react. He died and was burned.

The next morning we decided to head back and to resupply, and our day was quite uneventful, I like to think that my reputation was protecting us, if you listen closely, a whisper  on the wind tell all to “watch out for the cheetah print kitty” !

Journal of a curious Kat,

Timmy Three-Toes