OOC Particulars

Dungeon Master: Seph
Player Characters: Cober, Eight, Gaz, Karn, Quinn, Tenfoll’at, Twee
Date: Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Wonderbringer International Division

Katashaka Mission Report XXXIX

On the further aquatic exploration of Tortle Island interrupted by the accostation of our collective person by seafaring Viverroidea Hyaenidae in a privateering vessel constructed with the express purpose of sacrificing its own integrity for the breaching of our own; and other encounters.

Prepared by: Cober Snek, Seeker of the Eleventh Order

Prepared for: High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration Record Keeping Department

Prepared on: The Seventh Day of Marpenoth in the Year of our Lord 1495

Local time is 2343

Fresh off the aborted retrieval of Sneks and his key, several of us met up at the White Moon Cove docks for a bit of an exploratory expedition aimed at uncovering the secrets of Tortle Island. Captain Karn assured us it would only be a three hour tour and we would have our feet back on solid ground. The barbarian did not lie, for barely out of the cove our ship was assaulted by a ship and crew of gnollish vermin. Quinn, Eight, and Os were able to deal quite some damage to their vessel at extreme range particularly taking out the mainmast, but the fools continued forward. As they grew closer I began hearing Infernal speech to the tune of “Light the fuses!” and “Aim and Fire when we get close!”. Thinking this to merely be standard cannonading terminology I thought nothing of it, but once both ships were simultaneously boarded I could see all too clearly the ten suspicious barrels of black powder with fuses burning onward with grim purpose. This purpose was all, but confirmed when the gnolls abandoned ship like rats fleeing a sinking ship or in this case a ship about to explode. Fortunately, through teamwork of Os and Tenfoll’at we were able to avoid that outcome and after subduing the remaining gnolls. It turned out the crew were a privateering outfit aligned with the more sinister powers who had gifted them the deadly power. Had their plan succeeded I am baffled how they planned to survive out in the open ocean for long in the wreckage of two ships muchless intend to profit from our valuables and their own substantial treasures by sending them to Uk’otoa’s Locker? More than likely this level of tactical thought was well beyond their capacity and they should thank us for saving them from themselves. Moonsue would say “Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake,” but even that majestic military mind must admit circumstances were dire in this case had we not done so. Regardless, the party quickly returned the gnolls to White Moon Cove for enhanced interrogation and Gaz claimed the wreckage of their erstwhile ship christening it the Titan Uranus. The name suits the owner I believe and if he is able to make the vessel seaworthy it may see some use in future excursions.

Ever a Seeker of The Holy Maker of All Things