Cousins, here is a tale of my dashing adventures today.
We had set out to look for a strange person, away and lonely in a town. However, we ended up finding two strange people! In two different towns!
Well, technically, one was in the runes of a town.
But still! It was amazing!
Our fearless leader, Leofyr talked to a strange man sitting on a grand chair. Cousin, I tell you, this chair looked far more easing on the backside than your average every day chair. He mentioned something about a stick or whatnot, and wanted us to retrieve it. Leofyr said yes, then the man gave him one mean looking tattoo, and said if he failed to get the scepter back in time, he would die! What a way to go, eh? Well this gave Cousin Leofyre a way to find this guy’s stick, so off we went. We eventually ran into a town, that was empty. Dust and cobwebs everywhere. We have no idea where the people went, but we DID hear a scream coming from inside a house. I entered ahead of the group, fearlessly (OOC: I was 3rd or 4th inside), and found this gorgeous woman, running around all these bees, trying to herd them into their.. Combs? Hives? Whatever bees live in, man! Then suddenly, wasps! Two giant wasps, and some swamps of teeny tiny ones, all came out and started stinging everyhwere. And man, when I tell you that these wasps HURT, they hurt. The big ones could paralyze you, just with a sting! Anyway, we took care of it after some issues, and we all managed to live through it. The goblin with us hurt his knee pretty bad, and we had a couple of people who’s body was too weak to deal with the stings and they got paralyzed, but I, Snails, managed to lead the party to safety and well being. Turns out the dime, I believe her name was Dee, I wasn’t too focused on what her name was, had the stick, man! She was using it to stir her honey! As a thank you, she gave us the stick AND some honey (OOC: Healing Drops)! It was great, man, I tell you! She said the honey had healing powers! So you know I had to snag some. Anyway, we got the Stick back the next day after taking a night to rest in the town, and we headed back. We brought the weird dude’s stick back, and he started laughing and faded away, and his comfy chair turned to dust. Overall, it was pretty unfortunate. I was going to try and grab that chair, to bring it back. The others were concerned about him being some great evil lich, but if that was the case, why not just get his stick himself, eh? Brother Snails knows better, he wasn’t that powerful. I’m sure it will all be fine.