DM: Dayman
PCs: Warden, Vuldred, Orson, Oet, Akris, Hjalrig, Shantarr, Tuwidin, Braxx, Jibb, Yog, Jax

In our quest in gathering allies to fight against the Deep Ones, Warden and Shantarr needed help to free a gnomish family, the Twistflows,  from some kind of predator that is hunting them. So they in return would be able to help us with the Deep Ones. There was some misunderstanding on which gnomes are meant, as Yog wanted to lead us north to the gnomes in the tower, but Warden quickly corrected him, stating that the family in question lives to the south-east. 

With Yog’s wagon and his superior traveling speed we made good distance and passed a keep. After a while we saw two bodies lying on the ground, Yog took out his spyglasses, mentioning black cloths and red spines on them. We moved on, as we had a clear goal before us and with the Deep Ones in the back of the fleeing civilians of Ruined Oak we had no time to spare.

A little while later we came across a row of trees with red and black ooze around them, dragon trees as Warden quickly identified them. I remember how I encountered a dragon tree once myself, where that damned amulet started to turn me into a spider, I agreed with Warden and the others to better go around them.
Only to feel the temperature rapidly drooping, as some magic fog appeared. We tried to move on but somehow there trapped inside the Fog, as we always returned to it. Warden created some wind and the fog was momentarily lifted, but not long enough to move out. But someone else created a stronger and longer lasting Wind, allowing us to move out of the fog.

As we were close to arriving at the gnomes place, Shantarr suddenly stopped, shouting his eye sight was gone and as he moved back to us, I myself was blinded, as well as Warden, Yog, and Oet. Someone detected magic in a cylindric area buried in the ground just there where Shantarr had stopped. Orson casted dispel magic and we could see again.
There was some box buried under the ground, seeming to have caused this. Orson’s familiar was quite scared by it and Orson resealed the box with some ink from Vuldred mixing it with a some ash. We felled the relive when the seal was complete again. Putting the heavy Box on Yog’s wagon, we moved on.

I searched for a good camping side and trap for the predator we are trying to slay. In the night there was some message calling for help some miles to the south west. As we continued to wait for our prey, Shantarr disguised him self as belonging to the gnomes. Shortly after the heat around us intensified and Shantarr transformed into a big snake as a huge demon went after him, throwing lances of fire.

Akris and Orson hasted up Warden, Jibb and Oet as the demon went incorporeal and coming back closer to us. Warden and myself ran towards him, trying to get his attention, with our superior defense. But the demon seemed to care less for us and attacked everyone, teleporting around, from shadow to shadow the whole time. My spells did not do much, as he was quite resistant to them but Wardens blade, Jibb’s bolts and Vuldred’s arrows kept him under constant pressure and  Oat had some guardians swarming around him reducing damage to us

Then the demon summoned a large fire elemental, which burned all of us around it, bringing Tuwidin down. But I was able to bring him back, as well as healing many of us with an empowered healing word, while Shantarr killed the fire elemental with a wave of of water, crushing through the demon and the elemental. In return the demon enraged, getting really angry.

The fiery demon summoned more smaller fire elementals and absorbing their strength, healing him self, as Magic missiles from Akris and Orson forced the shadowy aspects out of him, making it unable to teleport around anymore. As the demon was hefty beaten up, Jibb fired three bolts at him catching it with the first two shots in a way, that the demon had no chance evading the third bolt, striking into his forehead, extinguishing its flames and sending the demon to the ground.
The demon exploded in an huge fireball, bringing many of us down and nearly sending myself to the ground. But Jibb quickly reacted, hasting to Hjalrig, administering a healing potion and Shantarr put out the flames with another wave of water, while i casted another empowered healing word, bringing everyone lying on the ground back up.

The Demon left behind a sack of silvered coins with some demon engraved on them, we took them with us adn went to the gnomes, reporting from our victory, they were thankful and asked if we could now return there lost brother Visc back to live. We told them, since they have the materials, we would need to bring his body to the rest of us, so Thran would be able to bring him back. June also mentioned, that their grandfather might have some notes on those coins, back in his library 7 days of travel to the south east.