DM: Reddest
Players: Te’sil, Zak, Naal, Aldwin, Chemist

We headed out to see what sort of magical items we could get at Trader’s Bay, Te’sil was so kind to get us there with her Teleportation – we had gotten their circle information prior.

Upon inputting UIF and stepping thru, Te’sil teleported us to the city, where a couple of black clad dwarves with a severe expression asked us if we knew the rules:

1) Don’t cast magic without permission.

2) All that happens in Trader’s Bay stays in Trader’s Bay.

3) Beefs outside of it remain outside of it.

4) Don’t upset the peace.

I’m not entirely sure who can give you permission to cast, if you need a permit for it but if you do I’m pretty sure it’d cost a pretty penny. If I remember correctly the portal code costed like 250 gold.

At any rate, we saw what amounted to a slum outside the city walls, some of it’s makeshift structures rising above them. We decided to head into the Market proper, check out the public auction. First a couple of folk were auctioned. Yes: slavery. Both instances were folk condemned for thievery against city property or their residents. First was a big black human, advertised as good for manual labor. Starting bidding came off 2 thousand gold. Next was a female Drow, accused of piracy by the fat goblin conducting the auction. Bidding began at 4 thousand.

Most of those gathered didn’t showed much enthusiasm for the slave trade, the opulent gathering had their eyes set in on the icy case housing a great-sword with a Frost Brand enchantment, which got sold at around 1500gp. I only bid a thousand for it – not my fighting style of choice. Next was Staff of Frost, with the starting bidding at 20 thousand gold, which rose up to 27 thousand gold. Following that, a trio of rare magic scrolls with spells unknown in the mainland, likely of at least the fifth circle of magic – way beyond my capabilities. All of them at starting price of 600 gold.

After a day of window-shopping we managed to get Grey the Amulet of Health he sought for a finder’s fee of 500 gp (after he put down a down payment of 1000 gp). Not bad, not bad at all. If you can stomach slavery, I’ll see if I can get myself a suit of Adamantine Plate on my next visit. Te’sil managed to teleport us back to the portal and then back to RO with our stones intact. May be worth inquiring with those with deep pockets for high paying jobs next time – be advised, they may be… unsavory. But I’m a merc. I don’t have the luxury of refusing if the pay is good enough.