DM: Neal
Players: Kage (Tohil), DGM (Marrak), BushelofKittens (Grey), Wanderer (Chemist)

Dear Diary,

Day 1.

Yarsby needed a group to go and infiltrate a Yuan-ti City, And while I’m not super at that kinda stuff, I am decent at being the hired muscle, soo…that’s why they brought me along.
The wizards, Chemist and Marrak, decided on good strategy and what spells they would employ to do what they needed to do.
I’m just sitting by, drinking some ale, listening to their planning, nodding along.
“Sure boss, good plan boss. Yep, sounds amazing boss.” Hadn’t used those lines in a while…

After the whole discussion, we set out and made our way through the portal, just the usual.
Moving down the road, it was decent weather, the wizards strategized some more.
We set up camp, they debated who would cast the Leomund’s Tiny Hut spell.
Night was quiet. Chemist woke me up by throwing his…odd homonculus on my chest.
All in all, a quiet-ish day

Day 2.

Still traveling down the plains, discussing with our friend Montez, who was to infiltrate the Yuan-ti town, on the exact details.
Not gonna lie, I wasn’t really paying a great deal of attention to the exact details of the plan. I’m just the hired muscle, I’ll leave the planning to the brainier types.
This evening they cast that magical house-thing which is a little more convenient than that cramped hut.

Day 3.

Made more ground, eventually arrived at the town near the evening.
Planned approach, went through the sewers, the plan was to cast the magical house-thing inside the house as a base of operations, disguising the entrance with illusory magic, which seems to be Marrak’s forté.
Grey and I sparred a bit to get in shape, while the wizards discussed and compared notes some more.

Day 4.

More relaxing while the wizards do magical reconnaissance and Grey flies around invisibly on his magical broom. He relayed most of the information over the magical telepathic bond we have. Pretty useful stuff.
I decided to do some stretching, do some lifting too, gotta stay in shape. played some solitaire with imaginary cards as I forgot to bring my actual deck, that was a mistake.
Looks like the city has a heavy caste system, definitely more so than I had imagined from what I had heard so far, the serfs being escorted and watched at almost every move they make outdoors.

Day 5.

More scouting, I’m beginning to miss the sparring sessions with grey, they’re more infrequent now as he’s spending most of the time flying around trying to figure shit out while the wizards sit here and discuss things… loudly sometimes.

Day 6.

Looks like they’ve found a prime target for the insertion. Finding a scroll or note of pedigree so we can copy it over.
Marrak and grey decided to sneak in during the knight, using their invisibility and magic to get where they need to be.
I’m just kinda sitting here with Chemist listening to the telepathic chatter.
Looks like the crew made some noise or walked through an alarm spell. the guards seem to be looking for them.
They’re avoiding being spotted. I’m just chilling outside with good ol chemist, waiting for them to find the papers… or to go in and whack some things if shit goes south.
They avoided the guard, Marrak swapped with Chemist since he was running low on spell slots.
Ah, Chemist seems more apt at finding papers than Marrak. He’s located the papers in question. now all we got to do is steal them and make a nice new forgery.
Back in the magical mansion after some teleporting shenanigans. Grey’s cloak is super handy for that.
The wizards are figuring the shit out, Chemist seems adapt at making forgeries, the papers appear to be embossed though, fortunately, Marrak’s magical shenanigans can sort that out by creating a sort of semi-permanent illusion that’s… kinda real? shit’s weird.

Day 7.

We’ve accomplished our mission, or well, they have, I’ve mostly just been waiting for the shit to hit the fan, which it fortunately hasn’t. Either way, we’re heading back now. Supplied Montez with what she needs, some gold, the papers in question, and a steel mirror so our friends can track her should they need to.
Time to traverse back to the portal
A bit down the road, near the evening, we stumbled upon another group of adventurers, looks like they had a run-in with an intellect devourer, who apparently messed with the brain of one kobold in their group. needs some proper healing magic to fix him up, we decided to take him with us so he’s not a dead weight for their group.
Took watch with the fellas, was fun watching over the younglings. I remember back then, fresh off the boat. Good times.

Day 8.

Travel was uneventful, rather relaxed really.

Day 9.

Safely back home. Good trip, mission accomplished, though it was… uneventful for me. A good thing I guess, when the hired muscle doesn’t get to do much on a sneaking mission.
Boring, but successful.

– Tohil, Signing off.