DM: MrRazor
PCs: Artie, Ubo, Lheesi, Azure, Liam, Rig

talking to the air, nobody immediately around him
Rig followed non kinskins to tomb in forest.
We met a cat hunter. Maybe cat hunts evil, Rig like cat.
turning around
Ubo burn Spider and webs. But spider evil.
Rig talking to statues. Rig dancing around them. Rig invincible.
Liam hurting Rig with fire. Liam give Rig potion.
No,No. Ubo and Rig destroy evil gas.
Rig walk in pudding
Azure heal Rig. Rig slash out of pudding.
4 gem keys locking evil white dragon and treasure
non kinskins do stuff. Rig slash at Wall. Wall disappears.
turns to the right
Yes, Yes. Rig talk to knight spirit captain. Rig take Jade Key Gem.
More tomb in small folk forest.
Rig will slay evil dragon. Rig free knights.
See, Rig do good

Evils to hunt

evil eight-legged

Burn web, to lure them. Cut off legs. resist poison

evil walking armor

Armor attacks often. But armor puny.
Just not let you hit by friendly magic.

Blob of evil pudding

Do not walk in. Trust Rig, Rig tried.
if inside, walk out, like Rig did.