“At this point, I may as well have rooms reserved at the Swollen Tooth…

The six of us met up there to follow rumors of a booty snatcher… body snatcher… I’m not exactly sure.  We went Northwest to a valley between Whispering Woods and the mountains.  Cynder, the leader of this expedition, found us a fresh set of graves to watch over and we started our vigil.

After nightfall we were joined by some creepy travelers bearing rictus grins.  They moved, wordless, through our camp and toward the graves.  Cynder issued an ultimatum and was repaid with an attack on her mind.  We sprung our ambush and quickly killed several of them before the others turned to flee.  Uzza was quick to discern that most of their forces were under magical influence and should not be harmed.

I assumed we’d want a few around for questioning so I used my magics to hypnotize the few that remained on the field.  Chemist, for reasons unbeknownst to me, decided to follow my spell with a fireball.  The now severely injured non combatants were awake and I saw no reason for them to trust us enough to talk.  This wouldn’t be the last time that Chemist would invalidate my efforts to control the battlefield and I’m honestly starting to regret putting any effort in to it at all.

Calmer heads prevailed and we were able to barter healing for information.  We learned that cultists were gathering bones and taking them to a temple in the north.  The survivors spoke of a powerful undead lurking there.  We set off to find it in the morning.

It was an easy walk and quite uneventful aside from a giant hyena that we gave a wide berth.  The entrance to the temple was saddled between two ridgelines of the mountains overlooking the Whispering Wood.  I won’t go into detail here, but we were forced to hold off on investigating further until another day.  We ultimately turned South again to return to town.

Skirting the Whispering Woods did not mean avoiding all danger.  We took refuge in a cave for the night and found some interesting paintings.  They showed the fabled Obelisks, some hunters, and a being apparently worthy of worship… must be that wizard everyone’s been looking for.

Beyond the paintings was a door made of pure force.  Uzza was able to see us past it and we soon found ourselves in a dimly lit chamber.  Center-stage was a golden artifact with a celestial globe.  The sphere seemed to contain every star within it.  The party traded tales and research that told of something similar which could defeat the obelisks.

Though heavily debated, the decision was made to acquire the artifact.  It was not without its own defenses though.  Spectral guardians appeared and we were easily surrounded.  Their blows seemed to tear away at our very souls.  Those of us nearest the artifact were the most heavily assailed.  Uzza and Weloh tried to take the device out of harm’s reach but ultimately left it and our fire-loving sorceress behind. 

Dust, Chemist, and I fought to keep our escape open and I could see Cynder fighting her way to the artifact.  Again, I bent my illusions to hypnotize our foes, seeking to buy us a moment of time.  Again, Chemist followed my magics with a fireball, waking the enemies and engulfing even Cynder.  The sorceress was forces to abandon the object and we all fled.  Uzza resealed the chamber and we beat feet back here.”