Lead by Durnek we traveled to repel the wandering pirates that have been sighted in the northeast. We followed a small group of pirates to a cave that had a false wall. Behind this false wall was a medium-sized complex which seemed to house a minor pirate captain and a small horde of treasure. The battle was brutal and many had severe wounds, but we still pushed forward covered in bandages. The large group of pirates parlayed and let us leave so they could take back the minor pirate captain we didn’t kill.

DM: Geo
The Pirate Stalkers:
Durnek the Ever Unlucky Turtle
Mine the Delusional Owner of the “Magic Cape”
Z-mond the Goodberry Gorger
S-mond the Goodberry Rancher
Pretzel the Suprise Wizard
Berry the Greenhorn

Day 1: New Equipment and Traveling

With the funds from my last adventure, I, Desmond Dawnstar, was able to buy some chain to protect myself and take up the front line if the need came up. I once against met up with Durnek and some humans as well as a goblin. Our goal was to repel the pirates so we set off northeast. The only disturbance during our travel and nights rest was a group of restless undead. These disgusting masterless puppets thought they could take us on.

Day 2: Skulking About

After we awoke we made our way east carefully. Ahead we noticed a group of four individuals, one of them looked to be the leader with a map and they were discussing something. We sneaked into a nearby bush so we could listen in closer.

They were arguing whether to pursue something on the map or to return to their a revue point. We decided it would be best to follow these pirate looking individuals.

They made their way into a cave. After a short while, we followed to find that the captain was missing and only the three grunts were left. They engaged in combat with us. Z-mond fell in battle twice with myself healing him with magic and a goodberry. We attempted to charm the last member, but he told us that the boss went to the hideout through the north wall. After he told us this information we knocked him out cold. Looking through their stuff we found a wedding ring that said Julian and Steve. I investigated the north wall of this cave and found that it was an illusion.

After we gathered ourselves we snuck forward we found that there were lit torches up ahead. Leaving behind out light sources we charged forward and there we found the two pirate leaders talking along with two more men. Could these be higher-ranked individuals? Regardless, combat erupted as Z-mond ran at the female captain and was swiftly knocked out by her three deadly axes. Durnek ran in next engaging with the male captain. I moved forward and engaged the pirate with the hooked blades and Mine flanked him. Berry and Prezel provided support to us before they themselves engaged with the southmost pirate who wielded a crossbow. After the hooked bladed pirate fell, Mine began flanking the male captain as I fed Durnek yet another good berry. However, the female axe throwing captain once more knocked him out. Stained with good berry juice I decided to feed Z-Monk yet another good berry and this time her axes didn’t strike true. Together all four of us ganged up on the male captain and beat him to death. Then as a crowd, we moved to the female axe juggling captain and beat her until she was unconscious. Hearing a scream in the previous room we made our way there to see Berry fell at the hands of the crossbow pirate. Z-mond angry rushed the pirate and would too fall to the mighty crossbow. Finally, Durnek approached and murdered the crossbow wielder. In the area, we found a treasure chest and decided to take a short rest to bandage up the wounded.

As we left the room and returned to the main corridor we found that the female captain was dragged away southward. We followed the blood trail to another large group of pirates. They didn’t seem to be interested in a fight and told us to get lost. We all looked at Durnek who told us to leave for we were outnumbered and they had what looked to be a magically inclined pirate.

We traveled back to the tavern where we made our rest and sorted through the loot we obtained. We also ran into a woman who was longingly looking from the direction we came. We confirmed that her name was Julian and handed her the wedding ring. I am sure you can guess how she reacted…