DM: Neal

Party: IronAle, Thoradin, Rith, Antonio, Taishina, Sammal

WE DID IT!! We have become the first group to build the first Outpost on the Island!

Though it cost many soles to get this task done future adventurers will have safer travels thanks to us.

It all started in White Moon Cove when the party and I first headed out to the Ishah Planes in the hopes to do some mystical beast hunting. On the way to the planes we passed a bunch of workers heading in towards the town. once we got around a days out from town we came to the road where the contract of the building of a future outpost could be built.

We headed back to White Moon Cove to hire the laborers needed and escort them to pick them up. We did not encounter any issues, once arriving and getting the craven or laborers we rested and headed back out to the potential building sight with no issues. Once set up and the construction began on group of laborers cam across a massive egg the size of a humans head. Within minutes I saw a massive Wyvern flying our way I only had less than a minute to inform everyone just prior to it landing just 30 feet from where construction began. As soon as the dragon landed it wiped out a group of laborers, we were able to defeat the monster with laying a hit on every stick we made on it on and only missing once before any more soles were lost.

During the second day of building we came across a natural hot springs just 40 ft south east of the Outpost. Once the Outpost building was completed we decided to go down to the spring to investigate it with Rith in the lead. Rith began to dip a portion of a ration in the spring to see if it was safe to go in. As soon as she dipped the ration in the water a huge skeleton sprang from the waters and swiped Rith killing her instantly. As the skeleton came out of the waters it swung another massive blow to Antonio nearly killing him. A Magic aura engulfed us as it has in the past some men were questioned whether magic spells could be used but rather than losing another soul, Sammal decided to heal him anyways, somehow magically healing beyond his abilities. As soon as Thoradin saw this he thought is was a sign from his goddess, Akadi and used his powers to unleash the most powerful shattered spell he has ever seen or used before on the beast. He did this a second time just as powerful but not dealing nearly as much damage as the first. The party was able to make quick work and finish off the monster just after it slayed another group of laborers.

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Once the monster was destroyed we gathered the lost soles and put their remains on the remaining wagons and headed back to White Moon Cove after being the first group of people to stay in the first built outpost on the island. On the way back we nearly made it back safely with no issues until we were ambushed by a goblin war party.

The party was able to make quick work of these weak soles that attempted to try to slay us but after the two previous battles we had we made quick work to these poor soles. One fled just prior to us kill all of them. After this last encounter this would be the last issue we would come across till reaching White Moon Cove.

The Goddess Akadi had my back during this mission thanks be to the gods, for that i am thankful but just wished i could have been there for our fallen comrade who’s sole was lost for the great outpost that now stands there.