Log by: Tohil.
Naal, Chemist, Jax, Te’Sil, Grey, Tohil.

It’s been a good while since last I wrote something. There’s numerous crumpled up papers on my writing desk, and in my new diminished dragon’s hoard of gold and items.
This most recent adventure warrants some attention though. Together with my compatriots, we have drawn what we saw, updated the map as we know it, and witnessed strange and interesting events. Talked to a gigantic turtle-thing. Saw green lightning and zombies streak from the skies, and some such. I’ll give a brief summary of the events as they transpired.

We started from Port Mirandia, where one captain Hancock was to traverse towards Trader’s Bay on his vessel, and we tagged along as “hired muscle”. The Weather was great, the skies were clear, a solid breeze. As good a day for adventure as any.
As we sailed down the coasts, from our location to the tip of the island, one one hand we had the lands we reside on, and on the other side only clear seas. Now I learned from a sailor that that can be deceptive, as you can’t see as far on the seas than I would’ve imagined you could! Regardless, I shall put here the drawings from the sights we saw along this stretch of the Journey

The Shores along the northern coast, A volcano of the shores was spewing forth clouds of ash, this was probably a result of it.
Said Volcano
The Ruins of what once was a city along the coastlines.
Blessed Nature along the coast, teeming with wildlife. a nice and quiet place. Tranquil.

What appeared to be a temple hidden in the dense jungles towards the northern edge of the island. It was just past a natural harbor/inlet one could moor at or nearby. It was large enough to be easily spotted by just the light of the moon.

A Valley with a Monolith in the centre of it near the northern tip of the Island

A while further down our trip we encountered something… special

Namely, One Gigantic Turtle who named himself as Morz, part of the council, who knew of Chemist. What exactly that implies, I know not. We got permission to explore the wreckage of a boat on its back. we estimated the turtle to be aproximately half a mile wide. We were glad it was not hostile.
Inside of the Boat on the back of the turtle, my compatriots found the following. The Map does NOT seem to be of Katashaka, at least, not that we can determine… Nor is it Faerun. We can only wonder what land this is…
Here on the coast we spotted the remains of what must once have been an impressive citadel of sorts, now in ruins, left to time. we spotted no locals from our vantage point.
And yet further down the coast there seems to be the ruins of a once great city or metropolis, it was vast as it spanned the cliff sides of this river. It was a sight to behold, once, when it was still a bustling city, it must have been more than that.
Further still lay What seemed to be a massive stronghold made out of massive crystals, menacing. There was an army gathered on shore, the size of which I have yet to see on the Island previously. A prominent figure on the shore seemed to exert some command to the troops gathered there, it can only be described as a combination of a Dragon and Minotaur, with a healthy dose of Demon. The balistas on shore started unloading towards our vessel, and even though they must’ve surely been at least a mile away, the sound of the missiles striking water in our vicinity was cause for alarm, and our captain to hastily turn our ship directly away from the area. Te’sil helped out by casting a spell to hide our ship behind what seemed to be a massive wall of water.
Just past a section that sailors bid us all to be quiet in, because it was, apparently, the Grave of a Kraken, there lies a castle situated on top of a rock spire. It must be difficult to claim such a castle as your own…

We traveled on down the coastline for not much longer as we encountered a ship, unmarked. We were wary they were pirates, they ignored us and moved on. As further we traveled, the more ships we spotted moving about. The only conclusion we could draw is that we neared Trader’s Bay.

As we reached the entrance of the bay most of the ships were coming from, or going to, we did indeed spots the massive gates that formed the entrance to Trader’s Bay. Solid fortifications to monitor travel.

We were hailed by some boats who steered us towards a section of Trader’s bay dedicated to non-residents. It was named Southport. Upon embarking we were greeted by the harbormaster, who explained to us the rules of conduct and the laws. We were also shown a small map of the section so we could figure out where everything was.

We investigated the various facilities in town. It is said with enough time and mostly MONEY, you can purchase anything here. I was keen on visiting A blacksmith, hopefully of some renown. I must admit I got distracted when I heard there was also an Auction house in town, known for selling a wide variety of magical items.

Immediately upon arriving I saw what items were up for auction in the most recent one. Quite enthralled by their selection. I gathered what money I had, loaned what I needed from my fellows, who even auctioned off some of their possessions to help me in this quest, and I succesfully purchase both an amazing Cloak, and a Hammer Worthy of the Gods. Tempus be praised. I wonder if Wulfgar will see this from wherever he resides.

My companions will tell the tale of exactly what else we learned in Trader’s Bay, this is primarily a travel log. and as such, I shall end it here.

Yours Truly, Tohil Swiftblade.