Dear mom,

Hey mom it has been A long time since I was last able to sit down and write to you coming to this island has been the best thing to do for my training! I have been very busy trying to build a small-town call Port Moranadia I hope one day to be major of the town but that’s a long way off. Today me and a group of friends went to punch this evil death tree. There I was in the tavern drinking my apple cider and talking to some of the most interesting people on the island. A thought hit me this big bad tree has been hurting the forest lately and this is not just any forest this is the forest that miss Gwendolyn…. I think that’s how you spell her name it is a odd one but anyways she is the best! kind alike a granny I don’t know if she makes pies like granny Millyton but her tea is amazing oh and the forest is close to my friend mister Gordon remember him he is the one with the fish made into squares we call them fish sticks yummy! As I was saying I was sitting there thinking about them and was like wait if we do not stop this thing we will have no more good tea or fish sticks and I for one would not have that. I am sure my friends where thinking the same as me when they agreed to come with me. As we set out on our quest to kill this evil thing I was shocked to find out my good friend joule could make everyone run at monk speed with the help of her and mister Z the real leader of this show ( and mister Vals horse)  we made it to Granny Gwes house in no time at all oh oh oh did I tell you she lives in a magic tree it is better then the tree you made me sleep in for “training” it is always amazing to get to see it. She did something crazy after we slept for the night, she casted a spell where we walk into a tree and poof, we where somewhere else like miles and miles away it was crazy. We are very close to the tree at this point a little more moving and we made it to the area this nasty thing had taken over. After a lot of talking about setting the whole forest on fire or just going in to kick its trunk in I finally won, so we moved in for the kill. After only a little bit of time we came across a clearing that looked to be the epicenter for this tree and boy let me tell you it was creepy everything was beautiful and green but so quite as we walked closer all hell broke loose (sorry for the language). There were these frogs that farted this cloud of stuff I don’t think anyone fell for it but it was not nice and we also saw the tree about this time. I was told earlier not to run up the tree and punch it but to take care of the other things so I was a little sad but not for long as these nasty blights came out of nowhere and started grabbing the party and shooting at us with thorns so I went to town chopping the fire wood like you taught me. After a little bit the tree did some very very bad things like it stunk up an area with a poison cloud. I got off lucky though years and years of dorm life and bad cooking I thought the poison was just someone who ate bad eggs or something but it affected others a lot more then me joule Ildan took it the worst I don’t think anyone else was in the cloud. It also made it so we couldn’t not move very much at all it was like moving in quicksand of plants every step took a mind-numbing amount of time to run. We killed a tree clone and as soon as we did another popped up and started doing bad things. As this was happening some blights got ahold of Ildans horse I forget his name but I saved him from its grasp by killing the blight that was holding him, only to have him die to the trees fowl magics. Soon after the death of the unnamed horse Ildan found himself attacked by a massive bear again I slogged though the nasty greens to help the best I could but it only had eyes for him hit after hit trying to get it to focus on me he only went after Ildan hurting him a lot. I don’t know if I he is every brave or not right in the head but Ildan stayed for the beating of a lifetime. Although I cannot talk, I would have done the same thing funny how that works haha. After killing the bear and the blight and frogs there was nothing left but the tree although I was told not to go close I was going to punch this tree even if it killed me slow moving and wave after wave of magical attacks we came closer and closer. Oh I forgot to tell you the dang thing made it rain on us so just think about this dumb tree making the grass a mile high and then it starts to rain wet grass is the worst…

So, I knew I was going to kill this thing. The tree was looking worse for wear, so I thought NOOO! I wouldn’t get to at least hurt this thing as I saw an opening, I ran up the trunk of it stabbing my sword thought its unholy body? Thing as the sword stuck in, I gave the hilt a good kick as I came down as it toppled over. The sad thing of all of this is that its power source was two small children. After some thought on the magic side I can not remember if it was Cober or Caslech but one of the smart ones said if we don’t put the souls of these kids to rest then the tree would come back luckily my friend Ogis was with us and he knew what to do to make it so they could rest in peace and not bring this thing back to life. After the long battle we make our way back for a nice drink of apple juice of course.

P.s. I got a cool new ring so I can just run on top of the grass if something like this ever comes back

                                                                                                Love always