Session: Zip Zap Zoom

DM: Seph

Party: Thoradin, Rijax, Blue, Rein, IronAle, Daffodil

The Party started out the day at White Moon Cove and planned to head to Broc O’ Lee’s cave to get some information in regards to hunting down a Fire Snake.

On Our first day of travel we came a cross a red robe i the middle of the road that Blue picked up. Further down the road once we passed the crossing and headed south we came across the mansion we saw in the distance coming back from our previous adventure. We decided to investigate the area a bit and as soon as we got close to the mansion the party members that were spell casters felt a strange feeling. as soon as this feeling hit us we saw a bunch of flaming fireballs and other assorted magical effects. As the party ventured forward, IronAle, Rijax and Rein took the lead, as soon as the approached the mansion a huge lightning bolt hit the three men causing Rein to fall and collapse. Thoradin moved quickly moved up to the men and healed him right away not thinking of his surroundings.

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As soon as Thoradin healed Rein, a bright light surrounded Thoradin and his Warhammer light up with a bright light. the party quickly grabbed the three men that just got stuck and hurried away to the main road. As soon as we got to a safe distance away we set up camp and Riijax had casted detect magic on Thoradin’s Warhammer and discovered it became enchanted somehow during the events by the mansion.

On the Second Day of travel we made it to Brock’s cave where we met Jerry and we ended up changing our goal to help Brock to get an undead beholder’s eye to assist in healing his arm. Once we revived the needed information we headed North West to the area that we were told the beholder could be found. Upon arriving we came across an old barn in the middle of nowhere that had a tunnel leading to an underground tunnel system.

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Upon traveling a bit more in the tunnels we came across the hideous beholder but with the team spread out and some quick healing by Thoradin to the party we were able to slay the beast quickly. we cut off one of the beasts eyes and continued to explore the tunnel systems more.

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Upon traveling further we were able to spot a Grell just prior to it surprising us and quickly spread out in formation and slay it just as soon as it picked up IronAle and took him 30 feet in the air and they fell down together as he as slain. The Party continued and continued to finish off the dungeon.

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Just as the party rounded the corner to the exit we encounter three massive digging Inkling’s that were making their way to us as destroying the walls around us. the party was able to take out two just as IronAle was dragged away. The Party was able to slay the last beast and IronAle and Rijax nearly escaped their lives as the cavern collapsed. Though we were not able to get back to Broc’s we headed back to White Moon Cove and will give him the Beholders eye at a later date. Sadly as we got back to White Moon Cove my Warhammer’s light faded away and the effects wore off.