DM: Geo
Characters: Kaleb (Leader), Ruebekka, Arkim, Durnek, Cade, BCS

We left WMC to investigate a Crystal Cavern somewhere in the plain to the west. We would need to triangulate the area or stumble upon it eventually. Luckily for us, some gnomes told us of a tin mine to investigate in the are and we did so, potentially this was our cave as well?
TL DR of the mission:

  • Mapped out the entire complex
  • Some deep gnomes asked us to clear the mine so they could begin mining the tin
  • There are pink flowers along the cave that will spew deadly poison if you approach them. Then the nearby fungus will slowly digest the body.
  • In a large room to the northwest is a huge glowing crystal with the statue of Alexandar Del Kortwist. Inside the statue, we found some papers along with the Orb of Night, which is a one-time-use key to somewhere.
  • We found a stone book carved into a pillar that warned us not to molest the tomb. Which we did not do for we felt we weren’t powerful enough to deal with what lied within.

Day 1:

We headed west of WMC and Durnek saw a gem glistening in the snow. I love shiny things, but when I approached it was a PIECE OF COAL! Was this a trick!? I checked if it was magic, it was not. Leader told me to pocket it and travel. Stupid coal. I learned later that this coal only had eys for Durnek as it was a gem only to him. How … unfair.

Later we were warned that something was stalking us, but we couldn’t decern what it was. Making our way to an abandoned building we wanted to ambush it back. There were so many pumpkins growing here. As I was exploring the building I heard a turtly scream. A huge spider was attacking Durnek with a skull flail. What the heck is that thing I thought and nope definitely not a normal spider as it didn’t have eight legs!? Leader told me it was a being from Leng and that it was sentient. Durnek almost collapsed from the fight as the spider finally disappeared and returned to its plane.

Leng Spider

For the night we turned the Largest Pumpkin into a Jacko Lantern and I set up my Alarms. A large group of Deep Gnomes came to us hoping we would clear a Tin Mine during these hard times. They had a desire to sell this Tin to WMC, we agreed to undertake this task. Ruebearkka also offered Wilpip, Wilxim, Jorryn, Merhim, Sinmin, Eniybar, Ipabis stay at our camp for the night.

During another person watch another gnome was being chased by a group of bandits. However, the situation dissolved before I had a chance to use my Control Flames to the Jacko Lantern Spookier and scare them off. The gnomes name was Yualen and a few of the members have seen here up to the north.

Day 2:

We packed our things and went west and delved into the cave. Our plan was for Kaleb to sneak ahead and warn us of any danger as I controlled the light source for Durken and myself. Immediately around the first corner, Kaleb was attacked and fell in battle before we could even make out moves.

I moved to the corner and opened the hood of my lantern and pointed it to where Kaleb’s last words were heard. There were three red kobolds with fake wings looking right at me. I cast Silent Image to create a cloud of smoke upon myself. If that many could take out Kaleb how easy of a target would I be? As the rest of the party funneled in Kaleb was healed and I moved my cloud over him so it would be harder for them to target him and to split their forces up. Durnek trying to flank one of the kobolds moved close to a wall as a large pink mushroom spewed poison on him. A magical fire had no effect on these flowers, but somehow lightning did. Finishing up the kobold sorcerers we searched the rest of the cave which was safe beside the large man-made complex that was to the north. Near it we also found Manny and the other guy, two gnomes were we also tasked with finding and burying.

Off we went as we found a large stone pillar with a stone book carved into it. As one of us tried to approach the book a spew of acid shot out at him. Which he dodged, anyways the book warned us to not molest the tomb in Dwarven as Reubekka stomped out of the complex following the orders. Confused we decided to continue. There were some spooky corridors that we were too afraid to pass through as we stumbled upon the tomb with many sarcophagi and a huge well-ornated sarcophagus in the center. We decided to leave them alone.

Then we traveled west to an area that looked to be separate from the previous complex. Two double doors opened up into a large room with a blue crystal and a statue of a dwarf. A crooked plaque stated that this was “Alexandar Del Kortwist – Adventure and seeker of knowledge.” Examining the crooked plaque we saw that there was something behind it. I plunged my hands within and pulled out a blue orb and two pieces of paper. We later learned the blue orb was a one-time-use key that was created via the wish spell and the papers said the following:

“Hark, hardy adventures, for fate has bestowed on you a gift of enternal night.
Fear not the darkness but what emerges from it as the darkness may be foe and ally alike.”

“…Take Council in your friends. ..They Left not your side.
It is your strenght …..May your heart remain unguarded”

Thinking this was a riddle we decided to take these back to WMC, surely there are people who are more riddle minded.

To the south, we encountered some automatons that which we ran away from, but when we turned around were actually easy to dispatch. In the room with them was an empty turning bookshelf.

Now with the complete map of the complex, we made our way back to WMC.

We pushed through the night in order to return to the abandoned house as that place easier to defend then being out in the open. That night instead of good berries I split a pumpkin and ate some seeds.

Day 3:

We found a clay songbird which I pocketed. The rest of the trip was mundane.