Gathering at the Bitter Dwarf

DM: Calmseeker

  1. Leader: Ou-Kan | Sorcerer 5
  2. Scout: Quinn and Valor Ranger 5
  3. Trailblazer: Hillval | Cleric 5
  4. Nahil | Sorcerer 3, Warlock 2
  5. Cade and Patrick| Warlock 6
  6. Till | Cleric 1, Sorcerer 5
  7. Daffodil | Wizard 5

Mission: Deal with the farm menace

Finding the Lair

We set out north from Ruined Oak to find a necromancer causing some issues. This was interesting because we brought our own necromancer with us. Interesting enough she asked if we would be willing to sign a contract for bodies to be used in case of death. Her name was Daffodil and between her and Nahil the walkin went by pretty quickly. That said We did not notice much as we left Ruined Oak until we slept. Mr. Freezston joined us in the middle of the night which I found strange. I also found it strange that his body reminded me of Cade’s familar Patrick. Ou-Kan however vouched for this man and let us know he is at odds with this very necromancer. Mr. Freezston left us to go look on his own.

As dawn was breaking we spotted a Hydra coming towards came from the river. Quinn quickly cast spike growth to cut off his path to us and we used our range attacks and spell to quickly drop the hydra. Multiple heads does not mean multiple stomachs, but those creatures do have treasure in their bellies.

We continued north on then went west off the road and found some tracks and symbols of worshipers of Lovitar. This lead us to a cave which we thought was the lair, but we also found a surprise…

Turned Against Us

Mr. Freezeston was exiting the cave letting us know that this indeed was the necromancer’s lair, but he was walking out with two undead escorts. He told us he also lost his wife in the lair. His wife is shrunken in szie and in a frozen ice capsule and the necromancer got a hold of her and used her to turn Mr.Freezeston against us. 


We tried to convince him that we could just get his wife back but he was distraught and sent the minions to attack us and prepared his spells. We took to the advantage and chopped down the undeads as Ou-Kan countered aspell from Freezeston. Freezeston got that spell off and blasted a cone of cold hitting a majority of us. Nahil fell over but i quickly healed those who got a little frosty. We dropped Mr. Freezeton and we stablized him leaving him out in front of the cave entrance to have his suit recover.

The Necromancer

We entered the cave and the entrace way had a raised area in the center and what looked like multiple holes around the room. As we entered the doors slammed shut and water began to fill the room. This water was freezing cold but we found a button that we had to time just right to end the water. We ented the main part of the cave and quickly found the Necromancer.

He was accompanied by two undead minions and we got in a lot of damage on on the necromancer and he died rather quickly. His minions then died and we found Norana, Freezeston’s wife. We tried a few things to free her of curse. We brought her back outside with the  Dunamis’s notes for Mr. Freezeston and planned to travel home.

Back to Ruined Oak

We slept on the road on the way home and nothing really happened but we noticed a a grave with a gargoyle on top of the grave stone. 

We picked up our pace and made it back to Ruined Oak rather quickly.