Our adventure begins like most, a greeting and a plan. Griters, Belanor, Tuzok, Shand, Twiks and Saoch would be my companions. I was chosen to be the scout for our party and keep a watchful eye for potential troubles. The journey began rather peacefully. Saoch had brought a mule with a cart which I used as a……perch to see better. Lucky the mule proved not to live up to her name however. Once we turned south from the crossroads we ran into two elf bandits who had allied themselves with some sort of monkey monsters. They launched their attack and rendered Shand unconscious with a ferocious attack. Two little imp looking creatures appeared from the tree line to our east and attacked Twiks. Hastily I drew my rapier and attacked, killing the first impish creature.

It was during this exchanged that I noticed Tuzok, standing surrounded by the swarm of our enemies, his shield moving like nothing I had ever seen. Nothing could touch him, even foes that would attack him from behind. Inspired I rush to his side and stood with my back to his and began lashing out at the foes around him. Saoch managed to anger some crocs that didn’t enjoy the disturbance of combat near their waters. At one point they were trying to rip him in half. Luckily Twiks was able to convince the Crocs and a giant snake not to attack us anymore, but only after having to dispatch one of the crocs. Searching the bodies we found a note which read, “Mrykle, The ship is departing early than expected, in only three days hence, but the shipment is even larger than predicted. Move to intercept them off the point and then return once you’ve acquired the goods. We’ll sort out the cut for you and your crew when you get her. Darvus.” This didn’t ring familiar to any of us so we stored it away and got ready to continue on our way.

After Twiks made good on his promise to the surviving croc by rolling the naked bodies of the elves into the water we continued on our way. We came to an outpost where we were going to camp for the night but shortly after our arrival a band of centaurs arrived. The let us know that three of their tribe had gone missing. A family, the father, mother and child and said they had last been seen west of the outpost. The party rested for the night and we made our way west.

About half way between the outpost and a distant mountain we discovered a Mausoleum. Several members of the party decided to investigate and even open a sarcophagus that was protected by magic. Shortly after managing to open it and retrieve the contents we noticed a small group of centaurs approaching us. Turns out to be Zot, Cat and Lot, the three missing centaurs. Having found who we were looking for we press on back to the outpost, however, once we arrive myself and Saoch notice we have strange black marks on our forearms that are painful to the touch. They are in the shape of a V and are tender to the touch. Upon further investigation we learned they are indeed curses and the whole party is cursed, only Saoch and I are royally cursed and need a greater restoration in order to save us.

Alas the tale of Gaven may end before it even had a chance to begin, time will tell.