DM: Seph

Party: Dexter, Alyx, Daffodil, Nahil, Thoradin, Sammal

*While i did not know how important these logs were i write this later than liked as i have overheard people talking about the events that happened during this adventure” -Thoradin

We received a task while at White Moon Cove of a Bugbear by the nae Broc O’ Lee that has gone missing by the area of the Blood Eye Clan camp.

The first day of travel we came across a strange sheet of parchment that seemed to be faded, one of the companions, dont remember who, picked it up and waved heat of flame underneath it to reveal an old grocery list of needed wood and irons to what seemed to be used to make a door, very strange….

As the second day of travel approached we came across the Blood Eye Clan camp and found around a dozen or so undead surrounded a house in the camp area. We were able to make some quick work of them after some of them some how were able to come back to life after being strange, never before have i seen an undead be able to come back after being slayed. Some of them with bows even plucked their own rib bones out from them and use them as arrows to hit us with!

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Once we were cleared the area we found the fellow bugbear, Broc with an awful mutilated arm that looked cursed and undead-like with pink maggot coming out from boils on the arm. Many of the companions could not dare handle the smell or visual of the arm at the beginning with the exception of myself and Dexter. None of my curing powers were able to cure the arm of anything but i was able to restore some life back to Broc while Dexter was able to use some form of freezing spell to freeze the pink maggots from the arm while being able to save one for potential studies later on.

Bugbear 5e Playable Race

While talking to Broc, he asked us to take him to his cave where his fellow friend, Jerry could take him to a temple and possibly fix his arm. He said his friend Jerry would be able to help but he was set out to slay a Fire Snake in the swamp. He mentioned something in regards to a children’s book and that the pages reference a way to heal him. We began escorting Broc back.

During the first night of travel a very strange gnome and a very hideous monstrosity approached the camp and introduced himself as Eziquos and his friend was Gax, the beast looking monstrosity.

Eziquos asked us to deliver a heavy door to his families farm not to far from where we were in exchange for the healing of Broc’s arm. something felt strange about this person but we said yes nether the less as we weren’t really given a choice by the way his tone was. We traveled with the door the following day, even though we struggled as the party was mainly spell users we eventually made it to the location needed. As we traveled the door had a strange octagon indent on it but we couldn’t figure out what it was for.

During the last day just as we were on the outskirts of the farm the eziquos told us to deliver the door to we were ambushed by a pack of gnolls. they threw big nets at myself and Daffodil, almost dragging her away. The party was able to slay all but one gnoll as the last one escaped.

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We quickly dropped off the door and Broc and we had to hurry back to WMC. I haven’t heard anything from broc till this day, wonder if all is ell with him and f eziquos held up his end of the bargain with healing him….