PCs: Naal, Tuwidin, Kurl, Eddings, Karash, Tar, Orson, Gronk, Peppington
Written by Karash

Mission: Head to the Underdark and corrupt my Elder shard. Result: Didn’t corrupt the shard but found out some information about how to proceed with corruption and locations for new shards.

We headed out from Swollen Tooth towards the temple with underdark access. The path felt a bit weird this time and we saw some new pillars on the way. The pillars caused LOUD ringing sound when touched and one of our party was knocked out because of the sound. We healed some wounds after the triggering the trap and I found out I can’t be healed by ordinary healing magic and that sucks.

We continued on down through the long tunnels and came upon a dark tower made of black stone. Outside the tower was a battlefield with no bodies or bones. When we approached the tower three stone golems/guards approached and gestured us to stay away, we didn’t fight with them. Next step was some clothes on the ground and tracks leading to some mist with purple hue that changed magic. We went through the mist without much issues. After clearing the mist we came to the drow village. These drow are neutral so don’t attack them, also the lake is dangerous (there is some dead god or something sleeping there, don’t look at the lights.) Peppington claimed that someone was watching him but no one else saw nothing.

During the night Peppington saw the same figure again and couldn’t get any rest so in the morning I used my lantern of revealing on the creature and found out everyone could see it in the light. When I turned the lantern off only I could see it. I turned my lantern on again and then the asshole started casting spell and somehow took control of me. Battle followed and we couldn’t do any damage to the asshole. During the fight the creature said something about “liking it down there” and when asked for name he replied he was a “bringer of nightmares, snatcher of dreams, the unseen hunter”. We were getting desperate and when Tuwidin fell I asked master for help and he answered, giving the tip to fight him in the dark. Turned out we could damage him when we couldn’t see him. The creature died without killing anyone else and dropped a cloak, goggles and nice pile of platinum.

We headed to see the Sage and the location I thought held the corruption altar. We arrived at the huge cavern with mist and castle and Sage appeared before us, rising from the mists like before. He told us much, the shrine I seek is in the Lowerdark, while the elf village and Sage are in the Middledark. Also some locations for Elder Shards and shard fragments

  1. The depths with an enemy of our previous wars who I guess are the deep ones I have read about. There are cliffs that go on forever, unrelenting cold and darkness will crush those unprepared. Sage gave portal code GAN to this location, so prepare against cold, dark and probably more.
  2. Mire with Elder Shard is near portal DRM
  3. Desert glistening like diamonds is located in SQW, this is different desert than the Desert of Flies.
  4. If I understood sage correctly, near WMC is a place with sundered earth that holds Elder Shard somewhere deep
  5. Crimson lake somewhere has Elder Shard
  6. A corrupted temple with something called Dream Eater has Elder Shard
  7. Far west of portal UIF is shard fragment in small alcove near the mountains.
  8. Green dome is in DOF, travel underground or ask gnomes or dog folk for how to avoid something
  9. Something about crashed bout with skeletons with black hats, golden coins and rum.
  10. Unrelated to Elder Shards but when portal code WHI was mentioned sage said something about proto island

When we asked sage about the council he said and they are misguided and act without their original intent. He also said that this island wasn’t prison island originally but for some other purpose. With our information gathering fulfilled we decided to leave the Underdark and resurrect Tuwidin. On the way up we came across the house with the rat dragon but didn’t interact with her.

Go forth and gather the Elder Shards. Begin your path to Ultimate Power! Let the power of Master flow though you! (Leave one shard for me, I need more!)