PCs: Hanna, Guile, Lyric, Karash, Scoitha, Hellscream, Rhalem
Written by Karash

A group of adventurers gathered in Axe and Thistle wondering where they should go on this beautiful day. I suggested an underground complex I had read about not too far away from White Moon Cove. Our travel there was uneventful and we found the entrance easily enough, it was in bottom of a ravine. We found a stone tunnel after entering a hole and started heading left. The tunnel went on for 600+ feet on a small incline. At the end we found a door. Hanna the tabaxi skillfully opened any doors we came upon expect one that was apparently scary to her.

Heading further in these narrow tunnels we came upon portcullis that had bloodstains on the other side. Soon after group of ghouls rushed us but they were no match to my axe and the magic of the party. After this scuttle things started going downhill. Doors started blowing up when touched, red light shone in some rooms. Door electrocuted poor Hellscream. Bookish persons found notes about some disease and hand and undead but I didn’t give them much notice. Worst discovery was this room with levers and buttons. Someone decided it would be good idea to start pulling and pushing levers and buttons and soon after the whole complex started exploding and what not.

We ran through this tunnel we came in while dodging falling rocks. We almost didn’t make it out but luckily no one was left behind. We licked our wounds in a cave and headed back to WMC without any incidents.