Dm; Geokhan

The greatest Bard that ever graced the greats!

Leading my companions, Nan(Babushka), green man Sender and mounted lizard Valoerean, onto a fairly simple mission, we set off with grace and great ideals pushing us forth down the road!

You see dear reader, recently an Inn was found crawling with the bad sort of baddies, and the discoverers were unable to clear it out! As such, we dispatched ourselves to do the dirty work~

Night befell us, but alas our onlookers hadn’t noticed exactly where we had put down our campfire at. Resting over a hill, no one noticed a thing throughout their turn watching over the party, except of course, yours truly. My keen eyes caught the movement in the forest’s shadows, and an odd pile of sticks, dirt and other things mounding up near the forest edge.

Swiftly I woke the green man, knowing him to be the deftest of foot on first sighting. Sender wasted no time in announcing us to our stalker, taking a step, a teleport and appearing before the forest and the mound. A battle then ensued that I shall tell in epic detail.

The beast was enormous, a lion’s body with a dragon’s tail and the back hooves of a ram. It also came with two discount heads alongside its central lion’s maw, a demonic ram’s and a legendary drake’s. It flapped its draconic wings as Sender realised his mistake and quickly returned to the party, luring the creature into our midst.

The beast leaped, no, flew over to us. Landing before Nan, it swiped, bit and mauled her. Fearing another loss in my family, I sang forth a word of power, imbuing Nan with healing and getting her back on her feet as she struck at the monster.

A long drawn out battle commenced, one I am sure the gods overlooked with excitement. As my party and myself slew the monstrosity, blade and magic, bolt and flame bringing it to its knees before the paladin struck the final holy blow.

Collapsing to the ground, weary from the clash, my party then noticed an oddity over the creature’s corpse. A bloated chest.

Excitedly, Sender and Nan approached the body with slicing intent, but I quickly came in between. Pointing out the difference between a great sword and a dagger in the art of carving things out, I then turned about and went to work. I may be no trained hunter, but I must say, taking out a monster’s heart and liver requires quite the artful set of hands.

But also! We discovered the beast was an egg layer and had recently done so!.

Sender disappeared, rushing off into the forest and to the mound, exclaiming then that it was indeed a nest! A nest with four patrons! Valorean rushed to the green man, and as each pondered over how to keep the poor innocent creatures alive in the night’s cold, speaking of flame and fire.

A story then returned to me, one once told of a hunter who’d taken refuge inside the bear he had just killed, to escape the night’s deathly chill. I expertly recommended we do the same with the eggs and the mother’s corpse, keeping the babies warm till morning.

And as we settled back to rest, Sender remained with the eggs, watching over like a loving green male mother goblin. Or a hungry one, I make no judgments. But as we slept, once more the gods saught to mess with our night. As nearby the ground cracked and broke! Falling inwards, a hole appeared nearby!

Sender jumped to the occasion, waking up Valorean, and not my highly useful self!…Goblins…

Alas this comes from a second account, apparently, the goblin went down the hole, found a box, opened said box and found a wolf claw. Something…something about that which howls at night? Anyway, morning came and we broke camp.

Dividing the eggs amongst us and Valorean’s steed, we quickly began making our way back to white moon cove, and when traveling with great treasures one must always assume great foes coming.

Fiery maws surrounded by hellish charcoal bodies, the hounds came out of the forest with savage intent. But we are not your average adventurers! Why run, when the issue can be swiftly dealt with? Turning on the enemy, Sender put the fear of green into one and magically slowed down the other. The beasts did get a few fiery breaths out on us, but we shrugged the flames off as we deftly dealt with them before turning back towards white moon cove.

Wearily on our way back, I dared a glance behind us, noticing a dark cloaked figure watching us escape as they stood at the forest’s edge with many a fiery hound tamed at their feet and a blazing sword in hand. The figure gave no further chase, and returned to the forest.

Might I dare say, things are to come which even I cannot foretell?