To: Anyone who cares to read
It called once again, the smell and call of adventure. Sitting and looking around at the sky waiting I was approached to explore the outside of the town. Island exploration was what I Servant live for most. Silver, Sunny, Karash, Cynder, Naal and Myself leading the group. Going north was the first option I picked to hunt something down and kill it. Another sunny cheerful day on the island. Traveling north wasn’t too hard. We made are way to the river and it seamed the group is a distracted sort. Getting fixed on water and sand, and on the smallest of thing like. ‘There are always some big secrete to be found’. But for me, its just some sand in the ground. But as long as they are having fun. Who am I to stop them? Heck if it wasn’t for this that rock door. They seamed very in that too. and I would have never would have looked at. Would not of given them a book of information. What the information was exactly, I can’t recall, as I am not one for books. Soon we would have to rest, and before the first watch even hit, some orc crashed are sleep. One of them tried to attack me, as they did they woke up, a battle ensued. After that we ended up leaving two alive, one which we ended up killing and the other sparing as we left them alive to help us explore a cave latter. and there where this strange butterfly coming out of the skin of two of the party. They had a strange marking on them. Other then that, they didnt seam hurt…. made back to town and went to bed. I would make this longer. But I am not one for books, if you want to know more. Look for the book they got back to town.

From: Servant