DM: Lewis
PCs: Treylan, Isaac, Eep, Blink, Jax

Last time I have told you how we met the drow and also how Treylan got charmed and is tortured by them since then in his dreams. So Treylan gathered a group of friends, to find some more clues on how we could deal with the drow and how we could get through the Briarwall.

We decided it might be worthwhile to venture again to the dead hags farm and keep en eye close to the Briarwall, so we might find an entrance we have missed. While traveling we came across an area with a humming sound. Isaac attempted to cast detect magic and promptly turned into crystal. I had encountered similar things before so i suggested we might wait a few minutes and maybe Isaac would turn back, but nothing happened he still was a crystal. Eep then took his courage together and casted dispel magic on Isaac and luckily it worked, Isaac changed back to his normal self, but oh well, Eep turned Blue. We concluded to quickly leave these fields of wild magic and travel on.

On our second day of travel, we came across som small humanoids hanging from trees. We cautiously moved a little closer to further investigate, assuming it might be a trap from the drow. Since luring the drow out of the forest was part of our plan. The small bodies looked like it could be gnomes, maybe this is a warning from the drow to others to don’t mess with them, we tried to look a little closer and maybe give the dead some respect and freeing them from there. While moving we triggered a few beartraps. After that we decided it was to dangerous and that we should move on.

During the rest, we made a new friend, a little goblin girl named “Bleh”. Well, actually we got ambushed by a horde of goblins, after killing most of them, including their shamans the rest ran away and we captured one of them. After several attempts of committing suicide or playing dead, we managed to question her about the Briarwall and how they get through it.
It looked like Eep and Bleh got quite well together, especially after Eep gave her back her clothes and offered her a new home and riches.
Bleh told us that they go through stone into a garden and then through stone again into the Briarwall Forest and that some women, probably the Hags, let them pass the stone. They also give offerings in form of people to the drow, Bleh calls them deep ones, and that the drow give these offerings to other deep ones, Bleh described them as fishlike people.
Bleh lead us to the “stones”, a feygate, we discovered on earlier trips in that area.

We concluded that only Fey are able to activate the Portal and let other creatures through into the feywild, from there another portal would lead inside the Briarwall Forest. As a halfelf, Treylan had some feyancestry and tried activating the Portal, only to let loose insectswarms.
We figured that probably only a fey will help us or at least someone whose true heritage is fey would be able to activate the Portal. So we headed back to Ruined Oak.

On our way back we encountered som ritual sacrifice of Lizardfolk who bound a women of her own onto an alter, shortly after some fishlike abomination emerged from the river and took the women. I was not happy to not help the women but it was not better to interfere at this moment and we had to take care of Bleh to make sure our Promise to her is kept. After returning in Ruined Oak Eep introduced Bleh to the Tavern there so she could get a room.

Sadly Treylans problems with his dreams did not got better but at least we are now closer at getting into the Briarwall Forest.