the first two days of our journey were uneventful, we arrived at the swollen tooth in and stayed at the inn the morning after we left the Inn we traveled to the entrance to the under dark. after a few hours travel, we entered into an open cavern with an abandoned house behind the house was a dragon-like bat or a bat-like dragon who warned us that dark lord Fred the first was an all-around bad guy after considering our options we decided to find dark Lord Fred the First and ask him some questions.

we continued down the tunnels where we were attacked by a purple worm after Ou-kan was eaten we managed to kill the beast and Ou-kan stepped out of the worm triumphant in killing the worm from the inside.

we found a large lake that had something in it and we decide to ignore the presumably dangerous creature after finding a drow encampment we learned more about the dark lord Fred the first and how he was a destructive influence on the Underdark.

continued on in the under dark before we found a large red and black door after I touched the door I was teleported to an illithid lair where we managed to find that Dark lord Fred the 2nd was who we were looking for and he is a treasure of this world we then were teleported back to the entrance of the illithid lair we traveled to the area where Dark Lord Fred the 2nd told us to go and after a trek, we found some celestial primordial and abyssal runes they said something about secure contain and protect about what I don’t know.

we were waylaid by a swarm of undead who were destroyed by our three clerics and our monks after dispatching of the Corrupted Undead Tor had been killed so we revivified him thanks to dons quick thinking with gentle repose we managed to revive him and finally we found the Dark Lord Fred the first who was an illusion after finding a hidden room we found that the Illusion was made from a Brain worm which was killed and put into a cask of ale.

we then walked back to the Illithid home and were transported to the swollen tooth in where the Illithids started killing all of the kolbolds we then left the kolbolds to die we may have lost our Kolbold’s ally’s that day well we survived at least but at what cost at what cost