DM: Tsi

Levels: 1-4 | 09SEP30 @2200 UTC 

To those interested,

My group this time was full of people who were little like me with one bigish person, mer person! I was kind of happy to see Scritch again, but he seemed to be a little bit more high strung and a lot more annoying…. But at least it was a familiar face.

We started by walking away from Ruined Oak and it was actually a really peaceful walk. Down the road, we went towards the farm that Scritch mentioned in this last adventure. After a nice uneventful sleep, we continued on our way.

As we approached the farm, we suddenly saw these crazy looking spiders with bodies half spider and half squirrel and half wolf and half frog!  It was super freaky!  A princess spider yelled at us and said we have to leave or die!! What’s that all about? After a crazy fight, poor River was dragged away by the spiders and Mo-Vak was killed… At first me and Mau were trying to go after River, but thought better about going down the super scary traii leading into the forest. I also realized that River is most likely dead dead… and really beyond my help… I went with Mau to check out the farm building to see if anyone was still in there. When we went in, I saw some wiggling spider sac and thought maybe there were survivors. So I sliced one open and some huge spider-human things popped out and tried to murder me!!! Luckily, everyone heard me curse, or unluckily, and came to help beat down those damn spiders. After we defeated the spiders, I went into the other room where I had seen another silk sac and there was a person! Turns out he was a bard that Scritch knew. Lexion was his name, though according to Scritch, he wasn’t a very good bard… After going through the rest of the house, we all decided that it would be best to head home. We were all pretty beat up. It was really peaceful on our way back, and we even saw some cool furry rhino things. Mau liked it. He stared and grunted with them for a bit and then came back saying he “knew” them now. Must be a druid thing? We settled down after that to rest for the night. I could tell that everyone was exhausted. It was a quiet night for the most part until Scritch was scared by a bird… but then it got worse… that bard, Lexion, turned into a spider thing! Like the ones we killed in the farm house! I felt more annoyed than sad, I was tired and dirty and hurt already! And we saved him! Only to have him do this spider transformation and then try to kill us! When we managed to put him down, I could have sworn I heard that spider-snake lady laugh… Before Lexion turned spider monster, he said she claimed her name was Minikul, and that she was fighting her sister in some kind of war… Scritch then seemed to remember that he saw some of the spiders fighting other spiders the last time he was there. Some kind of spider feud? Anyways, we went back to bed after Lexion died and then made really good time getting back to town in the morning.

I think I heard some of the others mention another party should head back to that farm to clear out all those creepy crawlies. There seems to be more to this then just monster clearing… Who really was that spider snake lady? Princess Minikul… who was her sister? So many more questions… 

Hopefully, those that read this may find the truth behind that creepy, crawly farm.

Best regards,

Faenoa the Gnome