PbP – Issa Title, Mmkay?

(Issa Title got broken into two separate sessions, this was the epic tier one)
PC’s: Isaac, Sylvan, Phil, Te’sil, Artix
DM: Nastaris

Hello everyone, my name is Artix von Krieger and it’s been a little while since the last one of these that I made. I wasn’t really busy with too much for a while and then I went on two different long expeditions one right after the other. Today I’m here to talk about the first of those trips. Through the portal code UIF there lies a bakery we were told about by the extremely power wizard, Szordian, that has his favorites. Isaac and I are quite fond of him and we felt bad that he couldn’t go over to the bakery himself these days so off we went on a journey of adventure and food acquisition.

The trip took us West from the portal through the lands of the Ariadne (spiderfolk at war with the Strigians, owlfolk) because Phil suggested it and then we went South West from there. We traveled along the mountains for the rest of the first day when we met some air elementals that were so new to existence that they tried to steal Isaac’s carpet out of childishness. Sadly, we invited them into Te’sil’s TTT and they dispersed in some manner when they tried to enter dimensional gateway. This encounter left Isaac incredibly tired so we stayed in that spot for another two days before starting off again.

We reached a salty bit of water and used aerial surveillance to look around a bit to the north because Szordian told us the town with the bakery was basically due west of the portal, just past the mountains. Sylvan spotted some smoke coming from a cove so we went over by air to see if it was the place we were looking for (spoilers: it was that place, in more ways than we first knew)

We were greeted in the water by Guard Captain Basboras, who waved us down to little boats alongside his slightly larger boat. He was the one that laid out THE FIVE RULES OF LOLOSIA TRADER’S BAY

Captain Basboras, As strict and honorable as he is fancily dressed
The port is the entire city

The good Captain then got us to the docks of the city and, after a detailed discussion about the things to look at and the workings of some of the rules, sent us on our way. The first stop we went to as a group was one of the many stables in the city. The streets are so packed that it isn’t really a good place for larger creatures to roam around without causing issue. I had already sent Daimyo off to play in the land of spirits instead because keeping him cooped up in a stable is not his favorite way to spend time so I wandered off from the group in search of the bakery.

Nanaya, probably ancient baked goods saleswoman/provider of warm fuzzy feelings

I met a nice man with a dog (who I gave a Daimyosnack) in an alleyway who gave me directions to my destination and knocked on a door that smelled of many baked goods. Inside was a woman very reminiscent of some statues of deities in this world who gave off a vibe very similar to someone I knew when I was a kid. Her name was Nanaya and I was delighted to find that she knew Szordian and, far more importantly, knew his favorite order that he hadn’t been able to get in millennia or so. She had shelves laden with pastries large and small so after getting a fair number of Lemon Blueberry Cruller’s for Szordian I ordered one of everything on display.


After which she looked into my connection with Lady Death, gave me a pushcart to carry all of the pastries I had bought, and told me that my friends were over at The Broken Mast talking to Lenaya, the woman running the Inn. With a final goodbye I went off to find the place and them, when I got there I gave Lenaya one of the many pastries and offered some to my friends as well. I had walked in on Isaac asking her for information about the city and just seeded pastry handouts in between moments of the conversation, as well as Nanaya’s regards to Lenaya.

Lenaya, Innkeeper of The Broken Mast

We then went out for the day and visited both the Coliseum and the Docks to talk with various people. I missed my chance to give pastries to the bookie or his little dragon but I handed out a bunch at the dock. Sylvan had begun asking questions of one of the many ship captains there, whose crew were busy unloading cargo, so I left a pastry for each of them.

Bookie and his dragon (well, Jhereg’s are close to psuedodragons)
“Honorable Tradesman” Pirate Captain

After that we mysteriously and magically made our way home (teleportation)