We’re all gonna die, they are coming for WMC!
DMs: Geokhan, Neal and Seph (probably more)

Okay my little devils… It’s time we had a talk… Person to person or as is the case letter to eyes… Okay, scratch that just hear me out. I figured it out. All the odd things we’ve been seeing lately. All the oddball creatures out of place. The constant battering we’ve endured in the local region. The ice has thawed and now they are coming for us. All of them…

All of our biggest enemies. The remnants of the Talos dwarves, the Gnolls, the crazed dungeon maker in the plains, the cultist… They are now banded together. These creatures which would normally never tolerate each other have banded together to stop us.

They are tired of us breaking their plans, stealing their equipment and destroying their camps. They will stop at nothing to destroy us.

The facts

  • -we have seen Gnolls now using blood magic of Tsaran.
  • -we’ve witnessed them stealing people’s blood and then leaving.
  • -we have seen gnoll soldiers being trained by Talos dwarves.
  • -we have seen the cult raise powerful undead horrors with blood magic.
  • -we’ve seen those new types of the undead with the gnoll army.
  • -we’ve seen the cultist building automaton fueled with blood magic and mixed with the eldritch abominations of Ezekiel the mad master door maker.
  • -we’ve seen Ezekiel at the former cultist’s estate and seen his grin work meshed with theirs.
  • -there have been reports of fiendish doppelganger of our own adventurers. An evil valorean and chemist.

The clock is ticking. I believe Tsaran is raising a giant army in the northeast corner, flanked with the army of the gnolls, the weaponry of the Talos, and the abomination hulks of Ezikiel. They are gathering, they are getting stronger and they will not stop till they burn our buildings and use our bodies to fuel their war machine.

I believe Tsaran also wants to unlock the tomb of the primordial Gorgontillian. We have all seven of the stones we need to take to the archivist and seal that tomb for good.

This is a call to action. We have something they don’t. We have each other. Ever misfit from across faerun stands here defiant of the oncoming storm. Let us take arms, wand, and bow and stop this before it is too late.

Viva La White Moon Cove!